Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean problems since Verizon update

At Phones Review we always try to keep readers informed about operating system updates available for their devices and the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) on Verizon has been a bit of a saga. We followed the trials and tribulations of how long it took Big Red and Samsung to push out this update and finally a few days ago the update started to roll out. However we have since heard of problems that some readers are having since the update, the major one being an adverse affect on battery life. We now wonder if these are isolated incidents or far more widespread.

We’ve had a lot of reader comments to our posts about the long wait and frustration that many felt about how long it took for 4.1 Jelly Bean to arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon, especially as it was the last of the major US carriers to push out the update. There should be an awful lot of happy Verizon Galaxy S3 users now then, as they finally have their hands on the update. However in a few readers’ comments and also in some emails we’ve received we’ve noted that for some Galaxy S3 owners on Verizon, everything is not running smoothly.

Among the problems noted so far by our readers are slower boot times and longer charging times and a few have noted that the battery life of their Galaxy S3 seems to have suffered since the update. We’re not implying that these problems are widespread yet as they could be odd incidents but we thought we’d take a look to see if anyone else is reporting problems.

We then came upon a thread on Android Central Forums, specifically about the Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update and issues that have followed the update and so far there are over 240 comments with many people seemingly noticing problems. You can see the forum thread here and although some are happy enough and say that everything went smoothly others are complaining of notification glitches, issues sending text messages and again there seems to be a recurring battery life problem. One user reports a battery life drop from 100% to 23% in 5 hours and describes the change as “horrific.”

Some of the issues begin reported are probably pretty simple to fix and there are also suggestions for certain difficulties but the battery life issue seems more problematic. On further digging we also came across a thread on Reddit about reduced battery life on the Galaxy S3 on Verizon since the Jelly Bean update. There are only a handful of comments on this one but again it does show that the problem seems to exist. What we really want to ascertain right now is if this is a problem for many Verizon Galaxy S3 owners or if these are just odd cases among the many other cases where Jelly Bean is running smoothly?

We’d really like to hear from readers on this topic. Have you noticed any difference to the battery life of your Galaxy S3 since the Verizon Jelly Bean update? Maybe you’ve not noticed that problem but have spotted other concerns with the Jelly Bean update? Let us know with your comments so that we can share this with readers and see if these are isolated incidents or not.


260 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean problems since Verizon update”

  1. Yes, great article. I downloaded the highly anticipated update last night, and this morning in my first period class at 7:20, I had 100% percent battery life; by 4th period, at 11:20, I had 43%, then in 6th period, at 1:30, I had 5%! I was stunned how terrible the life span was on my phone! This issue needs to be resolved immediately.

  2. Oneson says:

    Yes, since the download I have lost rapid battery lost from 8-10 hrs, to 5-6 hrs and my haptic feedback(button that controls the vibration of the history and return) doesn’t work at all. All this time verizon took to release the update, you would have thought they had this together.

  3. juntaka says:

    I updated last night. I have no issues with battery life. I am at 40% and it was unplugged 10 hours ago. No difference from before the update. I have not noted any other problems.

  4. Battery life seems to be fine for me. The original samsung boot logo looks much better, just my opinion.

    Has anybody checked out the quadrant scores for this thing? It flies! On ICS, it was around 5600-5700, on JB it’s consistently around 6050-6100!

  5. theMomen says:

    no noticeable battery issues with mine, I just lost many of the “motions” that were so cool with ice cream sandwich like turn over to mute, or palm mute. another issue I noticed, is I no longer have spell check/auto correct I have it turned on in the settings, but it does absolutely nothing! besides that I think this update runs so smoothly! all of the animations look so awesome!!

  6. skyllos says:

    Battery life if not the same as before than a little worse but the main thing I noticed is opening and closing animations lag and lag in apps that didn’t lag any or much before but the big one is the keyboard is so darn laggy I can’t stand to use it , I had to download a third party app keyboard from the market.

  7. I’m having several issuea. First one was that my led notifications didn’t work. Also I no longer have my bubble notification on the lock screen for missed text. I really loved having that. The keyboard lags when typing online…like now. Texts are norm speed. I tried everything and finally factory reset. I do get led notifications now…however I miss having them even when the screen is not locked. Battery life is better since I set mobile settings back to CDMA/LTE for some reason it automatically changed it with the jb update to Global. I would love to have the brighter led back. Dimmer is not better. The vibrate seems stronger and longer. But not a big deal…just think it uses more battery. Emails…I have 3 emails I use…one exchange and it works and updates emails as it should. But I liked using that app for all of my emails instead of the gmail app since you can’t use the motion feature on it. (Tap to top) when I opened it and set all settings the app loaded the oldest emails first and took an hour to get to that day’s emails. It still won’t work right. I’ve tried ever setting I could think of…and nothing. …so I’m forced to use the gmail app and have no use of motion as mentioned earlier. Overall I’m not impressed. I want to flash my phone and get ics back. Unless bug fixes come about.

    I miss the bubble text notification the most. The keyboard is just annoying…really annoying. Along with the email issues.

    1. Sonny says:

      Phew ! So, I’m not the only one with battery drain issues since the JB update !! Got the update on my HTC One X, here in the UK, on Tuesday, 18th December. Now, I’m no tech geek but frankly, I have yet to notice any difference between the days when my phone ran ICS and now that it’s running JB. In fact, if there’s anything to report, it’s the point you have made about battery drain. I wish I knew how to revert to ICS without having to go through the hassle of rooting the phone. Any ideas from anyone is welcome. This JB has been a real anti-climax !

    2. Madatsamsung says:

      Very angryvaboutbthis annoying battery drain. What’s the fix. I remember when apple had an issue with the iPhone 4 antenna they were awesome enough to offer a full refund or a free case to fix the issue….it seems like maybe Samsung needs to do the right thing for there customers and offer a resolution….I want to throw this crap out the window and get a landline….don’t need the aggravation

    3. Texrayspex says:

      I too have unusually rapid battery drain (2x to 3x normal), but there are other problems as well. When I launch most apps a 1/8″ red border briefly flashes around the screen edge. Also, I haven’t had a successful backup with Backup Assistant since Dec. 17th. The system seems a little sluggish, too. Who KNOWS what else may be wrong?!! My brother bought the exact same model Galaxy SIII when I did and his update seems to have worked correctly. I thought the update was 4.1.2, but it now reads 4.1.1 … I’m very perturbed and confused.

      1. kelly says:

        The red stipe is an app that put you in strict mode! That happened after I pushed the update as well. Verizon told me to load my apps one at a time as there was an app issue – I’m thinking it’s the update not the apps – the same apps worked 100% fine on my droid

  8. Dennis says:

    I have noticed much less battery life, but my Yahoo email no longer comes to my phone directly. Having to use K9 mail to get it. Now on start up, my current ringtone plays
    about 20 seconds. Very strange…………………..

  9. BBKK says:

    I started charging my phone at 2% and it’s been an hour and it only charged 10%… just WTF… google music player is messed up too… battery life sucksssss with jelly bean… Verizon ruining Samsung’s reputation…

  10. I updated a few days ago. Although I like the additional features I might consider a roll back because my battery life has been reduced. Hopefully they will identify and patch the issue. I know getting this done soon is out of the question. I also noticed flashing when I use google navigation. No big deal there but I love the traffic and use it aall the time, flashing is annoying.

  11. abemacias says:

    Goole music player is working horribly since the update. There is a gue lag timd to bring up the keyboard when clicking within a searh bar. And a noticeable lag time opening the internrt explorer. And yes the battery drains much quicker. I thought jelly bean was supposed to run more smoothly?

  12. TERRENCE says:

    Ever since i updated to jellybean on friday my s 3 battery life has been absolutely unbelievably ridiculous. Today for example,i took my phone off the charger at 5:10A.M. at 100% to begin my workday. I usually keep my phone on airplane mode at due to company policies and no service in certain areas. Before the update,my battery life would be around no lower than 87% on airplane including some usage during breaks. After the update,my phone was at 4% at the end of the work day which is highly unheard of. And it took forever to recharge. And i also noticed that my camera wont open and take pictures,any solution would be greatly appreciated. I love my phone especially after i just recently installed go launcher to give it a different look.

  13. TERRENCE says:

    Ever since i updated to jellybean on friday my s 3 battery life has been absolutely unbelievably ridiculous. Today for example,i took my phone off the charger at 5:10A.M. at 100% to begin my workday. I usually keep my phone on airplane mode at work due to company policies and no service in certain areas. Before the update,my battery life would be around no lower than 87% at the end of the workday on airplane including some usage during breaks. After the update,my phone was at 4% at the end of the work day which is highly unheard of. And it took forever to recharge. And i also noticed that my camera wont open and take pictures,any solution would be greatly appreciated. I love my phone especially after i just recently installed go launcher to give it a different look.

  14. c3pico says:

    I have not experienced any of the adverse effects that everyone keeps listing. My battery life is still GREAT and everything works smoother on my phone now.

  15. s3guyyyyyy says:

    battery life wayyyy down after the update.. all antennas off and dropping 25% in 4 hrs.. very annoying when i just got it optimized for battery life before the update- before update with wifi and gps on, only a couple of percentage points an hour drop.. making me reconsider the purchase because I am heavy user

  16. s3guyyyyyy says:

    also what happened to the new text bubble from the lock screen?? that was clutch.. pull down and messages app is there but can not beat one swipe to info

  17. I have some problem with the battery life and charging time. Now i have to charge 2 times a day. The most worst thing is like its takes forever to get it fully charge, i charge it when i go to bed around 11PM, and in the next morning on 5AM, it only reach 98%??!!!
    The other problem is its to much lagging, that i never experience before the update.
    Please repair it, it supposed to be smoother and faster 🙁

  18. Jane S. says:

    My Verizon GS3 used to last 48 hours +/- a few hours before needing a charge. Since updating to 4.1.1 on Friday I barely get 24 hours before needing a charge. I haven’t noticed any other adverse effects, and Google Now is sweet. Not worth the battery issue however.

  19. One more thing that i faced lately, i don’t know whether it its related or not, but now i often received a respond like “com.sec.android.sCloudSync has stopped” or “Samsung cloud data relay has stopped working” 🙁

  20. cc says:

    i am so disappointed with how many problems my phone is having after the update! my battery life is horrible, having problems with text notification sounds, theres no more autocorrect, no more notification bubbles on the lock screen, my app icons keep “disappearing” etc. etc etc!!!

  21. ArtC1 says:

    I have AT&T as my provider and updated to 4.1.1 via Kies last week. Following the update, I noticed a significant drop in battery life. Two days ago, I did a factory reset and now the battery life is back to normal. I realize Verizon does the update over the air and there are some differences but perhaps doing the factory reset will help. Good luck.

  22. Nathan Whitney says:

    extreme keyboard and typing lag. very dissappointed. also, when i directly hit the backspace,
    its hitting L, as if it was uncalibrated some how.
    power save mode is off and not many tasks running, typing lag is
    the worst of any phone ive had lately…

  23. John says:

    I upgraded to JB this morning and after 10 hours my battery was at 15% with the phone warning it needed to go on the charger. Usually after 10 hours I would expect to have at least 70% charge remaining. I will try the factory reset after the phone charges again. But so far not looking good.

  24. Eric says:

    The update went smoothly for me and all is working well. But after r es ding posts on here I’m beginning to think something was wrong from day one. I’m a heavy user and I’ve only ever gotten 6-8 hours of battery life. Is that normal?

  25. its not just Verizon, I have sprint and my battery life has suffered since Jelly bean.
    I would get 12+ hours with moderate use with ICS, now I get 8 hrs with less than moderate use.
    Also check in settings-battery, that Media is not there. if your GS3 is constantly warm and Media is under battery than remove your sd card for about 8-12hrs. It tries some type of download from or to the phone to/from sd card. this is different than media server.

  26. Ted says:

    It’s so unfortunate that updates to OS’s causes problems for people. At this point updates should be smooth and actually make the phones BETTER nor WORSE. I have the Galaxy SIII on Sprint and Jellybean made my battery way better and last longer however the icon for the battery at the top of the phone reduces faster than the percentage amount which is very strange. Overall love Jellybean and not saying that to rub it in but I feel bad for those who are having problems.

  27. kennethcox says:

    The only reason battery life is bad is because alot of users haven’t changed the radios to only look for CDMA/LTE antennas, when you update it automatically changes to global mode which makes your phone look for global antennas, killing the battery. That said there are other bugs i have noticed myself that aren’t on the galaxy note 2 running the same software.

    1. Soofdawg says:

      Unfortunately this is not the issue. The first thing I did when I installed Jelly Bean installed was go through every single setting and found this Global and CDMA/LTE option. I immediately changed it to CDMA/LTE as well, but after 3 days of rapid depletion of the battery, today was the motherload of screwups…my battery died within 2 hours! I used Google Music, Google Reader, Facebook, couple of quick/short email replies, and 5 texts…and the phone was burning up. I plugged it into the car and it wouldn’t charge for 5-10 minutes, which I think might have been because how stupidly hot it got and some safety mechanism must have kicked in. I WISH it was the antenna issue, but it’s apparently not. I never had this issue before Jelly Bean from VZ.

  28. Geoff V says:

    The battery life on my S3 is now rubbish, I can’t get thru the day without charging it!! Unfortunately i had automatic updates! It was fantastic before.

  29. Jorge says:

    Battery life on my GS3 has suffered horribly since the JB update. Charging also seems to take twice as long. Knowing Verizon it will probably take 6 months to release a fix. Thanks for putting coals in my stocking Big Red.

  30. Dale says:

    Blocking mode is non-existent on my settings page. Am I missing something. Google music seems to be fine, however. Not sure about battery life yet as i just downloaded it

  31. xp says:

    The battery life dropped drastically while I had Google Now turned on. My battery was almost drained with in a 5 to 6 hour time span. After I turned ogg Google Now my battery life is back to normal.

  32. the battery life now is atrocious, my s3 has gone down 4 percent writing this comment. along with the battery life, the phone lags way too much. A screen rotation will take seconds to recognize and shifting screen has a slight lag that wasn’t there before jelly bean. Im very disappointed since I had jb on my nexus phone and tablet.

    1. On your screen rotation, make sure you don’t have ‘Smart rotation’ under ‘Display’ enabled. This has the phone check to see if your face rotated with the screen or not (so if you’re laying in bed, looking at the phone sideways it won’t rotate). If it’s checked, uncheck it and you’ll get faster rotations.

  33. oscar says:

    I did not get blocking mode in my update, battery draining is terrible this is ridiculous, when I’m surfing the webmy phone gets really hot I power off my phone put it in my pocket and it takes awhile to cool down

  34. jmitchell says:

    Having 3 galaxy s 3 devices in the same home and all updated same day. Battery life is horrible zto say the least. My girls phone was at 100% prior to her going to bed no apps running and this morning it was at 67%. Verizon f’d this update up big time. And everything lags now key board laggs search bar everything. And I even restored my phone to factory setting etc clean swiped the phone. So thanks verizon for making 3 samsung galaxy s 3 phones feel inferior

  35. Lee says:

    My S3 battery life sucks also after the update. Phone now lags during some activities such as writing this post. Having problems sending yahoo emails since update. Terrible update, wish I never updated!

  36. LarryB says:

    Battery life may be a bit lower, but I consider this a good upgrade. Of course I switched from Sprint a few months ago so most anything looks better.

    1. srmiller84 says:

      yes my phone is constantly jumping around wildly when moving from screen to screen, freezing up doing one tiny thing, and the most annoying is the backup assist that seems to constantly even though its not set to back up my phone every 2 minutes. I was so excited about JB and now I want ICS back this sucks. I have more problems now then before.

      1. jess says:

        I hate the back up assistant plus!!!! I finally after 4 phones was sent one without JB. And now my screen doesnt glitch and i dont have that dumb BUA+

    2. jess says:

      Oh my goodness YES!!!!!! Im on my 4th replacement!!!! Verizon ad samsung pretty much said i was nuts. My original started doing it right after update. So i called and got it replaced. 4th phone later i finally got a phone that hadent been updated.And knock on wood it wont update. Im still running ICS!! 🙂 mine would glitch when scrolling up and down. Side to side and opening folders. Its hortible.

  37. ***New York Man says:

    I Think It’s Safe To Say Verizon Does Not Have The Same Update As The Other Carriers.

    The Notification Bar On Verizon Looks Different Than That Of Sprint and T-Mobile.


  38. GregSki86 says:

    I definently did notice that my battery life has shortened and the charge time has increased. Prime example, had 15% battery life left on the phone so I turned off GPS, data, sync, turned on power saver mode……………2 hours later I check my phone (usually after that procedure, I will lose 1% of battery life at most and that is if I actually use the phone) it was down to 5% with NO use.

  39. Don says:

    I have not noticed any difference in battery life, but have noticed it is much faster in responsiveness. The one issue I have noticed is the My Motospeak app for Motorola Blue tooth Roadster 2 not working even after uninstalling and reinstalling. It worked perfectly prior to update.

  40. avanthomme says:

    I turned Google Now off and switched mobile networks from the new ‘Global’ setting to the former ‘CDMA/LTE’ setting, and my battery life is back to normal. I haven’t noticed any changes in boot time or charge time. In fact, I’ve always loved how quickly this phone charges and boots! Battery lasts 36+ hours on a single charge with moderate use and with heavy use (6+ hours of display on, heavy browsing, G+ filcking), I can easily last 17 hours-ish–the whole work day (6:30AM-8PM+).

    1. avanthomme says:

      On the upside, I DO notice the positive benefits of “project butter”. The phone was already a highly capable beast device, but it’s just much snappier. I love this phone.

      1. guido says:

        Fixed the problem its a glitch with keeping only 200 messages uncheck delete old messages hasnt happened since for me something to do with when you get a new message it tries to delete the 201 and interrupts the ring

  41. Jon says:

    I own a samsung galaxy s3 t-mobile s3 and it keeps restarting while using copy and past/clipboard when copying from chrome and pasting it to another app and some. It even

    1. jon says:

      Does it with stock apps from samsung and t-mobile says it cant fix the issue and I have done 2 hard resets on this dang thing….I wanted jelly bean but now wish I had stock back

  42. ItsaMe says:

    Have not had noticeable battery problems. Really miss the msg notification bubble on lock screen. When holding the home button it takes a lot longer to bring up open apps to kill or multitask. Glitch/flickering when scrolling or playing some games. TouchWiz kept unexpectedly stopping when trying to delete an empty page but got that fixed by changing animation speed, but now when opening an app folder its really slow like the animation speed is on 10 no matter what i set it on. And I REALLY miss the msg notification bubble.

  43. Mr.Droid says:

    I have also noticed how fast my battery drains. After phone is at 100% and I unplug it from charger a few minutes later the phone might be at 95%. Phone never did that prior to Jelly Bean Update. Everything else is running smoothly.

  44. dzzza says:

    Battery drain is definitely a noticeable difference. On ICS, could come home from a normal workday with light use of the GS3 and still have 85% battery. Now after JB, I’m at roughly 65% after a normal workday. And to note, I have turned off Google Now (reluctantly cuz I like the service). The first few days after JB came I had Google Now activated, with the standard cards, and I was coming home from work with 30-40% battery.

    And to add my additional frustrations with JB; the lockscreen colors were all messed up. I tinkered with all the lockscreen settings and figured out that the “ripple effect” was creating permanent bright blotches in the lockscreen background. I turned off ripple effect and that seemed to solve the issue. But why?

    And to cap it off, my bluetooth connection in my car now goes in and out constantly. I lock in a BT connection, then it gets lost, then it connects, then it disconnects.

    This blows. Unfortunate for a phone that I would place on the top of my list for Android phones, after owning several dating back to the OG Droid. WTF. WTF.

  45. I have also noticed a significant reduction in battery life since the update. From fully charged to 10% in less than 6 hours. That’s with screen brightness at 10%, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC all off. Very disappointed in this update.

  46. droiddeebo says:

    I just wwnt to point out some of the positive things about the Verizon Jelly bean update. The keyboard along with its predictive text is much more accurate . The new homescreen animations are also nice. However; I have noticed that I can add a home screen but when I attempt to delete one the my phone freezes up. It also seems that battery life has suffered. I hope Verizon can fix these problems soon

    1. ProblemFixer says:

      I believe you have turned off either the Transition animation or the Animator duration scale off. Turn them to 0.5x. This fixed it when I had the same issue.

  47. droiddeebo says:

    I just wwnt to point out some of the positive things about the Verizon Jelly bean update. The keyboard along with its predictive text is much more accurate . The new homescreen animations are also nice. However; I have noticed that I can add a home screen but when I attempt to delete one the my phone freezes up. It also seems that battery life has suffered. I hope Verizon can fix these problems soon

  48. I, too, am noticing severe battery drain since the update, along with seemingly slower charging. I used to end the day with 40-60% battery. Now, it’s nearly dead three hours before the end of the day.
    C’mon Verizon and Samsung. This is ridiculous.

  49. disappointedtechie says:

    I’ve noticed overall sluggishness. When I first received the update things were smooth and quick. It didnt take long for that to fade away. I’ve had my l phone shut off and reset several timws without even using it in that moment. Apps freeze and shut down and typing a simple text messagecan take forever as the keyboard entries are severely delayed. I hate this update and I was oh so looking forward to it. :/

  50. Jonathan Chick says:

    The battery life is about 9 hours with barely any use which is horrible autocorrect does nothing other than letting me fix it myself by tapping the suggestion no matter what I do with the settings. Everything is running slower. The only good is Google now

  51. Adam says:

    I am very disappointed with this update. Battery life is awful, no more bubble notification, and keyboard lags. Overall I think Samsung did a great job designing Jelly bean to look new and slick, but it is too slow. If they can fix the lag, Jelly bean will be a success.

  52. Fungi57 says:

    I upgraded to S3 from a Droid X 4 months ago. Or was it a downgrade? I really like what the S3 does graphically. After learning how to turn off a lot of the default bloatware my battery would be in the 70% range after 3 days. That’s with checking email a couple times of day and voice calls. Now, the phone gets hot and the battery last a few hours. I’ll try some of the recommendations I see in the comments here. I need to be able to rely on having a phone more than google maps, email or social networking, If it doesn’t get better Verizon will see me changing to a flip phone until my contract expires almost two years for now. I’m sad that I paid so much for this celebrated phone yet I actually have control of who gets my hard earned dollars. Maybe it’s time to go back to a land line at a tenth of the cost!

  53. unheard :( says:

    since i updated i have been able to make calls but the person on the other end cant hear what im saying or they say i sound really far away is this only me or has anyone else had this problem

  54. dutchyliveshere says:

    finished update 2hrs ago now screen flashes erratically people can’t hear me or vice versa when I make a call this update has a big bug of somekind I haven’t had a chance to check battery life yet but so far it’s a disgrace that will end with me paying to fix it no doubt before update it never had a problem

  55. Arevalo831 says:

    Battery drain so quickly its not even funny. I have since charged the phone three times in one day. .it lags like crazy to I just should of stay with icecream 4.0

  56. jlcb92 says:

    battery drain, bubble notification on lock screen are gone, wheres blocking mode? or is it on jelly bean 4.2?? i have seen videos of gs3’s running 4.1.1 and it seems like verizon left out some features.

  57. FRANK says:

    battery is not that bad for me, my biggest problem is the lag in the keyboard. my phone has seemed to slow down and stutter a lot since the update. anyone else notice this???

  58. Vangoatee says:

    Media server is killing my battery since Jelly Bean update. I’ve heard if you copy the data off the card, reformat it and reload then the issue goes away. I’m trying that now

  59. MJR says:

    Updated 3 days ago. Noticed the battery drain issue within the first 24 hours. Not horrific, but definitely noticeable. End of day before update i’d be at around 50% to 60%. The first 3 days after update i’m around 25% to 30%

  60. ajade says:

    does anyone else have the problem that their text notifications wont vibrate when phone sound profile is on vibrate and only vibrates when the check box in messaging for sound and vibrate is checked? my texts used to vibrate up until today. i dont like to check that box bc then it vibrates when ringtone sounds. up until a few hours ago, texts would vibrate when phone was set to vibrate…

  61. Motoxer says:

    Since the update everything is boggy and slow as hell. Give me ICS back!!! This sucks. Battery life sucks. The keyboard can’t keep up with typing and pop upkey barely show. Verizon Jellybean=total fail

  62. Nitin says:

    My phone is getting hanged at least twice a day since it’s been updated to jelly bean. I have also got it updated again from the Samsung Service Centre, but the problem still persists. Along with that, the speed of browsing has also gone down considerably since the update. And the device now shows the picture of the person whom you’ve just called or whose call you’ve just received even while making a new call. It’s pissing off as it is such an expensive device and the glitches it has are so many.

  63. Kkizzer says:

    I also got no notification bubbles after receiver missed calls/txt. I also cannot say my battery is horrible but seems. To discharge at faster rate.
    I miss the notification bubbles!!!!

  64. RSmith says:

    The battery drain is not just “bad”. It’s ATROCIOUS. I have viewing of percentages enabled, and with mild use, I can see it declining real fast. Don’t plan on it getting you through the day, because it won’t. Samsung screwed up BIG with this.

    1. RSmith says:

      I’d also like to add – the whole “project butter” thing seems to be completely screwed over by TouchWiz. It’s not smoother at all, in fact at times it is much much worse than ICS. Verizon took very long with this update, maybe they should have spend their time fixing the issues before giving us this awful update. I wanted JellyBean as much as the next guy – but for God sakes, the battery life is deplorable!

  65. bjwold24 says:

    I update to Jelly Bean last night and the update we smooth until I unplugged the power cord. It seems there is a drastic loss in battery life (down 50 % in less than 4 hours). Additionally, my phone is getting warm like the battery is being overworked. In an effort to slow battery consumption, I turn data off. This has not helped. Another problem has been discovered with messaging. After I receive a message and acknowledge it, my phone indicates I still have a message or messages.
    It may be beneficial to go back to the older operating system….If that’s possible. Any thoughts?

  66. my phone dies within 2-3 hours if it is just on stand by…. if i turn it off and plug it into a charger it will charge up very slowly… however if i charge it while it is on it actually DIES… i dont know how but i just turned my phone on and plugged it in and it was at 50% and within 30 minutes… it dropped to 40%… this all started when I updated to jellybean this morning… i dont know whats the point of having this phone if i can’t even keep my phone on without having it die on me so quickly… it only charges when its off… -___-….

  67. Natasha says:

    I have had my phone charging for 5.5 hours and it is only at 60% and is almost too hot to hold. The battery usage shows that 74% of battery usage is from media. Now I’ve been asleep and just got up so my phone was not being used. I received the jelly bean update yesterday, it completed at 7:00 am and by 10:00 am my phone powered off due to my battery was dead. My settings are on CDMA/LTE.

  68. CoffeeExtremist says:

    Verizon pushed the update to my phone on December 19. Since then, several times per day, phone will not wake up from sleep or power saving mode. No button press will wake it up, requires battery removal. This lockup occurs during non-use periods, such as sitting on my desk or in my pocket. Applications and folders now open in a jerky fashion with MORE lag than in ICS, so “butter” is not effective.

  69. pgm says:

    My Sprint S3 is suffering power suck too since JB was installed. No help from battery saver apps or app closers. Sorry to say I’m now looking at the aftermarket for >2100 mAh batteries.

  70. not surprised says:

    I leave for work with a fully charged phone, at noon at 51%, and I have it on the charger off and on during the day. It takes much longer to charge then it used to .

  71. A R says:

    My Verizon GS3 has become a piece of garbage since the Jelly Bean update: 5 hours of battery life from 100% to dead, input lag to the point that I cannot type, radios failing – including GPS being unusable for navigation (flickers through points in a 500 or so meter radius. giving it very inaccurate navigation directions), external memory card corruption twice in the week since the update, screen occasionally not turning back on after it’s been locked… there’s just so much failure packed into this device that I can’t list it in one post. My attempts to resolve this with Verizon support have been met with insults and ridicule. I was actually told that nothing could be done because “these are known issues” and that I should have researched the handset before pre-ordering it.

    After I get out my current contract, I will never do business with Verizon Wireless again, and I will encourage everyone I know to avoid this trainwreck of a service provider as well.

    1. ronf57 says:

      I recommend you do as i do….esend your issues with verizon personnel and service issues to the top man at verizon. I recieved a phone call about the lack of update issue and two days later I recieved the update early in december.
      His email is…..DAN.MEAD@VERIZON.COM.
      if they get enough direct emails he will 1) address the issue by changing his email address(unproductive) and 2) yell at someone to address the issues.
      I got the update it has its’ issues…let him know what they are maybe no-one is passing the issues onto him.

  72. Brian Colgate says:

    Battery port has trouble recognizing that it is plugged in, and charging. During charge, the LED is dim. The lightning bolt icon is on in the status bar is on, but the “critical” low battery notification was on a rampage of popping up over and over and over!!! Even with no activity of software or plug movement. One hour after update, never before this

  73. sweetbee says:

    Since the update on my galaxy s3 my battery goes fast! Could be fully charged at night when I go to bed and phones off by morning..dead. I also have a flashing red outline on my whole screen when it seems to be loading anything including unlocking my phone. Also my camera doesn’t work most the time and I cant get into my gallery at all! This update is horrible. Messed my phone up.

  74. The battery does seem to be draining quicker (within an hour 60% of the battery gone, no apps running)
    I do have a memory card problem. None of my apps will acknowledge that files on the SD card exists. For example, prior to the update, my music app would load music from the memory card….after the update, nothing. This applies to the gallery (photos) and video apps.
    If I go through “My Files”, I can individually open files….but I have to do this for every single file. Forget saving playlists….

  75. KK says:

    My phone ran perfectly before updating to Jelly Bean — now the battery drains quickly, phone glitches (and also glitches when playing games), there is a lag when going to the home screen and when texting

  76. Bobby says:

    Battery drain is horrible. Phone now kicks out of 4g lte to 3g when i have good signal. When using the portable hot spot i lose the network about every minute or so. Verizon ran tests and says nothing is wrong. I switched to verizon from at&t and this phone was awesome untill the jelly bean update. Im almost ready to smash this POS.

  77. lets talk problems that have not been discussed: things i have noticed since update include besides poor battery life, all settings have been replaced from the ics setting options, messaging bubble gone, messaging notification sound not playing or playing very shortly, 2 finger zoom in & out functions gone along with panning gone, s beam not operating correctly, screen flashing. terrible signal quality. oh yeah and one more adobe flash no longer compatible with phone according to google market. i took the update on my phone and after experiencing these issues, will not allow my wife to take the update unless its pushed on her phone. I’m losing faith as i did with apple several years ago. live by the old motto:…………….IF IT AINT BROKE DON’T FIX IT…………

    1. My husband and I have 2 galaxy S-3’s. After the update 2 days ago, our S-Beam feature does not work. We have been to two verizon stores and have spoken to representatinves and spent hours on the phone with Samsung and Verizon and no one can fix the beams on our new phones. Their answer is they will give us refurbished phones. My phone is 2 mo. old and my husbands is 6 weeks. This is hardly satisfactory! This update broke our working new phones!!!! We Spent hundreds of dollars and hold 2 year contracts for 4 devices. We are not happy!

  78. Tanya says:

    Not only Battery life sucking, my Phone is stuck in 3G since the update. I just recently updated during Christmas and noticed that my phone has not gone out of 3G since. I figure thats 1 thing draining my battery. Also my phone did get so hot I put it in the fridge for about 15 mins to cool it down. It stop draining the battery after that but went from 33% to 4% in the matter of 2 mins. I don’t understand it’s issues and I’ve switched back to CDMA/LTE Option instead of global. It’s not the area at which I am at I used to get 4G everywhere but now I don’t even get a glimpse of it…

  79. Danigirl007 says:

    Also having the battery drain issues, but is anyone else having problems with their phone becoming extremely slow and phone apps acting buggy all of a sudden? My apps will just stop working for no apparent reason, and don’t even get me started on the drop down menu! Is it just my S3 or is anyone else having similar issues? This update so far has caused me nothing but grief!

  80. Andrew says:

    Major lag with scrolling, zooming, etc. with the screen. Keyboard has become even more dreadful. Zero auto-correct and it is very sluggish…very. Applications are painfully slow to load. I’ve reverted back to ICS.

  81. Rachael says:

    Just updated my gs3 today. Seemed to go smoothly, installed ok. About 2 hours later I notice my phone is off. Thinking it died I plugged it in to charge and forget about it. I check it 3 hours later but it still won’t turn on. Had to remove the battery and reboot. When it powers on it begins to update again, this time a smaller file. Now the time on my home screen weather app is 1 hour off. The location is right, refreshing doesn’t fix it, and the smaller time on the app is right. Battery is definitely draining faster and my phone’s response time to text seems slower. Usually I charge thru the night and it lasts all day. So far I have lost 7% in the last 30 minutes! Soooo glad I waited for this update… hope they fix the bugs soon.

  82. Meredith says:

    Battery problems, notification issues….hate the new keyboard, automatically adds spaces after commas and preriods which I’m not used to and don’t like, and my ‘saved words’ or ‘personal dictionary has been wiped clean

  83. Dgphotog says:

    For those who aren’t in the club (I’m apparently not), this elusive setting can be found under “Settings/More Settings/Mobile Networks/Network mode/LTE/CDMA.” I hope my providing this hint doesn’t offend those who believe this should be patently obvious.

    1. ronf57 says:

      @Dgphotog thanks that got me near the setting. The actual setting is under not [network mode] but [Preferred network mode] and yup mine was set for global even though i had [Global Data Roaming Access] set as Deny data roaming access. I didn’t realize there were two settings for Global. thanks I couldn’t find it until you posted the secret passage way.

  84. ronf57 says:

    i definitely noticed a drop in battery usage time. But i also noticed it turning on more services related to wifi and data and gps and what not. stuff i never saw before is now turned on by default. I searching for a good system minder to notify me about what’s running and could be shut down. got any recommendation? I haven’t yet checked whether the 32gb micro sdhc compatibility issue has been fixed .

  85. Ld says:

    Battery drain is a little worse but the update has destroyed Gallery. Can sometimes view a single picture but freezes if you try to do anything else in Gallery. Unacceptable!

  86. dmh4psu says:

    Battery drains, longer charge times, freezes, home screen black instead of the picture. Not a happy camper. Had to pull the battery to get it work again.

  87. Mark says:

    I have a Galaxy S3 through the Australian Telstra network. Since updating to Jellybean my battery life has gone from charging every two days to having to charge twice a day. It is ridiculous. I am also having the phone freeze on me and having to reboot. Some of the new features are good but the problems are not worth it. If I knew how to roll back the update I would.

  88. Bonnie G says:

    Battery life definately went way down, I used to go a day and a half with out charging no problem now after a half day it is dead. Notifications are having problems. When I get texts the sound doesn’t work more than half the time now, and when it does play the sound it is shortened and distorted 🙁 Also the button on the left side controlling sound used to directly control the ringer/notification sound and I could just hold it down to turn off the ringer and put it just on vibrate. Now that button directly controls media volume and I have to go to settings to turn off my ringer 🙁

  89. Jolie says:

    I, too am having the same issues as others. Battery drain, glitching with scrolling, flickering red outer edges. HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is….my Bluetooth headset will NOT connect anymore! I don’t even have an address for it in my settings…it just says Bluetooth address unavailable. What’s up with that? With JB, there’s no way to delete it either, just unpair, which it won’t do. Tried safe mode…same action…or non action I should say. I had been wondering about some issues prior to JB, as in in calling screen, getting the dial pad to STAY open…as soon as you touch a # it goes back into it’s small icon and you have to tap it to open back up! So so frustrating. Going to the Verizon store doesn’t help AT ALL. Not one single person was aware that you can’t SKYPE on an S3…they all said “download the app”…really? Duh, but Verizon GS3’s aren’t supported…..and neither is Kies…which comes as Verizon bloatware (that you can’t fully use) Backup Assistant Plus, seems to constantly run, and fail…..BECAUSE it’s set to ONLY backup between 12 midnight and 5am….so, Why is it trying to backup??? I dunno, I really like the S3, loved my Droidx too though. At least it was dependable. I actually wish the LG envy’s could have been made into a smartphone…..it was a really cool, intuitive phone, that ROCKED it’s sound when playing music!

  90. LH says:

    The battery life is horrible along with the speed of the phone. It has such a lag when doing simple things such as texting. Also the no message bubble on the locked screen. Not Happy with the update at all.

  91. Ciara says:

    So my biggest complaint is that if i put my phone in global mode it will not keep a constant wifi connection it connects then disconnects non start and repeated says refreshing sim data, if i put it in CDMA and LTE mode there is a pop up that says switch to global mode that pops up every few seconds, its driving me insane, please tell me i’m not the only one experiencing this, just talked to both verizon and samsung technical support and their only solution is to master reset…there has to be another way.

  92. Henry says:

    After the jelly bean update on my galaxy3, my emails show on a white background with white font. I cannot read my emails and the “font color” option is gone. I changed the power setting background and it did not do anything. If I hit the reply button on an email, I can THEN read the original email. How do I fix this without having to do a hard reset?

  93. Ken says:

    I have absolutely no problem with battery drain. Battery life seemed to have improved with JB. But the bubble notification needs to be put back and the settings icon on the pull down screen needs to be placed next to the WiFi off button.

  94. Ken says:

    I have absolutely no problem with battery drain. I average between a day and 6 hours to almost 2 days with moderate and heavy use. But the lock screen notification bubble needs to be put back, and the Blocking Mode feature needs to be activated.

  95. Robert Habash says:

    the battery on my s3 lasted about 4 hours to begin with, since the update, my battery lasts about an hour before i’m scurrying around looking for an outlet to charge it. now i’m sorry i didnt go with iphone

  96. jen says:

    My s3 updated today and now when texting via 3×4 keyboard i have to choose each word instead of having it chosen it for me. But everything else, while tedious, is still impressive. Not having battery drainage problems or email problems.

  97. kevin martinez says:

    Battery life is really bad now ever since the jellybean update. I would never have to charge my battery the whole day while im at work and im listening to music the whole day and at the end of the day it was still at 30%. Now my battery is dead by the time I go to lunch. It is “horrific” if not worse. Another problem is that my galaxy s 3 runs a bit slow now especially when im inputting text. The letters are a bit behind from where im actually at. Its frustrating!!!

  98. Barb says:

    I have noticed that a SIGNIFICANT battery drain. For instance, I had 24% when I left work (it takes me 10 mins to get home) and when I arrived I had dropped to 15%. This has been happening since the update. Before the update I would get approx 15hrs. I Barely get 8–10 now. Since typing this I have lost another 3%. This is horrible.

  99. kytray says:

    Yes there are multiple problems with my Galaxy S3 since the update. My wife has the same phone with identical problems. Battery drains quicker, some apps (noteably ANT SMASHER) will not play at all, and when I take my index finger and thumb to enlarge a picture it jumps to the left or up before it enlarges. I WANT MY ICE CREAM SANDWICH BACK!!!!!

  100. Patrick says:

    Battery life has dropped on my S3 since the upgrade, not to mention it vibrates on alerts, messages, and phone calls, and just about everything. I have vibrate shut off and it still vibrates. I also noticed a lag when typing. Other things seem slow as well.

  101. I have found another issue reference the APN settings with the update. With the new update you no longer have the ability to add or edit APN settings while using the supposed “Global” phone with another SIM card inserted. Only gives you the option to “Reset to default” when the menu button is pressed. I am currently in Haiti using a Digicel SIM that worked perfectly fine in an iPhone 4s while here, but NO luck with the S3. Spoke with Verizon, they spoke with Samsung, etc…..etc….and the verdict is the issue is with Google and the update. Techs looked over the issue while I had them online and said there SHOULD be the ability to add an APN when using other SIM cards, BUT there is NOT. So I basically have a $600 brick while here.

  102. bartmaniv says:

    Since jelly bean rolled out Or. Over I have encountered.
    The following Problems: Screen so light I can barely.
    See, no notification sound ,(text msg)
    Fonts so tiny that they are hard to read.

  103. tim hall says:

    Same problem download software np but battery life sucks ass now I used to get a day or so out of it using it moderate now for some reason my screen is eatting up my battery I get 6 hours of use now and everything is off and turned down low I have a at&t galaxy s3

  104. ronf57 says:

    Dgphotog•12 days ago
    For those who aren’t in the club (I’m apparently not), this elusive setting can be found under “Settings/More Settings/Mobile Networks/Network mode/LTE/CDMA.” I hope my providing this hint doesn’t offend those who believe this should be patently obvious.30You must sign in to down-vote this post.

    @Dgphotog thanks that got me near the setting. The actual setting is under not [network mode] but [Preferred network mode] and yup mine was set for global even though i had [Global Data Roaming Access] set as Deny data roaming access. I didn’t realize there were two settings for Global. thanks I couldn’t find it until you posted the secret passage way

  105. Erica says:

    Not only am is my battery suffering from this update, but my phone is A LOT slower now! I have noticed a considerable amount of difference in the speed of my phone. Not only in the internet browsing, but when I am texting, making calls, browsing, pretty much doing anything. Please fix this!! My phone is brand new, and I did not pay this much money to have so many problems with it

  106. Paddy says:

    The battery drain is because the update switches on global roaming connections and it’s stuck always lookng for a better conection draining the battery .go into settings look for preferred connections and switch it back .

  107. chivorosa says:

    I have been to have the same problem with the battery life only last a while I was before the upgrade the battery with lasting between a tonight I was a seems to me like the upgrades have something to do with it and man this phone right now it’s about 3 to 4 * have the shop down unexpectedly if for whatever reason I don’t know why shut down on me so

  108. My S3 updated a week ago. Battery used to last all day but since the update, I need to charge it on my way home from work. Ex: Today after charging overnight, battery was down to 51% after 2+ hours. 🙁 I’ll be calling Verizon for help.

  109. Screyouguys says:

    Yea, ever since the latest update my keyboard freezes mid text and a few seconds later speed types to catch up. Also, Apps freeze and send me back to the home screen. Updates are supposed to be better not worse!

  110. Russ says:

    Had my phone plugged in overnight, I woke up 20 minutes ago and unplugged it, it was at 100%, right now is at 95%. 5% in 20 minutes. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. At this rate it will drain at 15% an hour, which means it should be dead in about 6 hours. And that’s if I don’t stream data. If I stream data, cut that time in half.

    It just dropped to 94% in the 2 minutes it took me to type this.

    Also, keyboard auto correct stopped working after update.

  111. Shar says:

    I previously charged my battery every 2-3 days. Since the update I have had to charge it every day and I am not using my phone any more than I was previously. Also am I able to completely remove that annoying bar at the very left hand side of the screen. The little tab that opens and closes the tab covers things I am looking at on my phone. It is so annoying.

  112. Josiah says:

    Processes run slowly. At time the keyboard freezes and takea a moment to catch up. Things run “square” instead of “smooth”. All in all I wish they would quickly fix these problems or allow us to uninstall the update. The phone worked better before the update

  113. Taem says:

    It’s terrible! If my phone is not on the charger, it drains 1% every 10-minutes while idle. I’ve timed it! The night before last, I left it off the charger when it was 100% and in the morning, it was at 29%, and it was not used between this time! I went to the net looking for answers and it seems I have found it! Is there anyway to rollback the Jelly Bean update?

  114. ERV says:

    The Jelly Bean update has absolutely ruined my S3. I haven’t even had it a month. It w. Absolutely flawless on ICS but now lags I typing, google searches, picture loading.. and it’s battery life is HALF of what it was.

  115. Damir H says:

    I just came across this article because I was looking for a fix for the battery drain on my S3 after the 4.1 update. You can add me as one of those people who suffered battery problems. Mine was cut in half. Even with gps off, and battery saver on. And it takes twice as long to charge. Stock VZW S3.

  116. Motoxer says:

    My Galaxy s3 used to be fast, smooth and consistant in operation. Now it’s slow and boggy as can be since Jelly bean. Typing on the keyboard is a joke. It has become very aggravating to use this phone now. I’ve been using Android since the OG Droid and everthing in between. It seems this keyboard is the slowest yet. Also battery life sucks. I noticed after the update there were several new bloat apps. The OS is using more RAM constantly when you check the task manager. I’m waiting for the next Best Moto phone then bye bye Samsung…

  117. Perth, Australia. Updated 3 days ago. Before the update, the battery would last for two days. Immediately following the upgrade, recharged overnight, took 100% battery to work at 7am. Mostly in the bag unused and 1 SMS during the day. Battery warning at 15% at 4pm.
    Next day, 100% recharged. Had a look at the emails and a few pages via home WIFI. 30 minutes later – 82% of battery. Haven’t used it much except to remove and disable what ever I could since. At 2:30pm I’m on 17% battery.

    1. Went on the “killing spree” and stopped and disabled what I understood or didn’t understand, and it’s back to normal. Have no idea what was the culprit. Didn’t have Google Now installed. Something was not compatible with the new OS.

  118. after 2 hours of charging, battery percentage only increase from 6% to 19%
    OMG HORRIBLE my S3 DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!!! WAT CAN I DO????? *********************SAMSUNG*********************** PLEASE FIX THIS BATTERY PROBLEM PLEASE***********************THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  119. PissedOffCustomer says:

    I’ve had a huge decrease in battery life but the worst is my phone now freezes whenever I receive a text message and the keyboard lags during texting significantly. I can text “Hello how are you?” and if I type it out in 15 seconds I have to wait about 2 minutes for the keyboard to finally finish it. This update has ruined my phone.

  120. GW says:

    Galaxy S3 JellyBean will not pair with bluetooth device in my car as of 1.21.2013. Car is a 2009 MB E350. Spoke with 2nd tier tech at both Verizon and Samsung. According to Samsung, they need to write a patch already. Not good. Considering selling 3 month old S3 for iPhone 5. Did I get bogus info?

  121. Kel says:

    Yup Galaxy s3 battery drain 23-28% in five hours if lucky. It’s totally poo poo and had it happened when I got phone new….would have demanded refund. I was a Samsung tech and its very poorly thought out. C’mon Samsung…gotta beta test properly….it’s making this phone unusable for business apps. Grrrrrrrrr

  122. JT says:

    Att s3 here and I’m experiencing same battery problems as verizon owners are reporting. After 5 hours of use I’m now to 40% battery or less. With ICS I averaged about 70% same time frame.

  123. Tim Kosem says:

    The battery life with Jelly Bean on my S3 is awful. I notice the thing heating up every now and then in my pocket when it is doing absolutely nothing. About once a week the thing starts sucking juice like crazy; rebooting it seems to help for a few days. Sounds like some errant background service or app that is sucking all the juice. I did notice that now Gallery and Maps seem to be using much more of my power in the Battery info in system settings. I don’t ever recall those ever being in the top three or four services.

  124. Justin Desforges says:

    Internet screen skips every time I try to zoom in WTF!!! ICS was perfect way more “buttery” than JB also keyboard is super sluggish i have to wait a good second or two for letters to show that i have tapped them ICS was instant! Everythig else about the update is awesome though but WTF essential functions have become obviously glitched and laggy I hate my phone now rather have ICS again.

  125. I used my phone for 5 months before the upgrade. I would go to work at 7:45am and plug it back in before I go to bed around 10:30pm and it would rarely be on orange. After the update it goes to orange around 6pm and I have to charge it.

  126. RInga says:

    yes I have definitely notice a difference and didn’t realize the correlation until I started looking online to see if anyone else was experiencing problems.

  127. Den says:

    My officemate and i noticed the long time charging since the update. He bought a new charger but its same. After jellybean update my battery is always not 100% fully charged. It took 6 hours to reach 40% only. What happened??????!

  128. Trinity89 says:

    This update is horrible. Now my galaxy s3 backlight will not turn off unless i manually press the button on the side of the phone. this is extremely annoying because i didn’t usually have to do this and it is set to turn off after 30 seconds. This drains battery life tremendously! PLZ FIX THIS Also the load time for the keyboard has been very slow and sometimes it pops up in a weird format and continually switched until it gets it right.

  129. Wood Chuck says:

    The overall performance is really bad. Phone runs slow, apps take longer to start up. Phone either stalls or functions have a very bad delay. I prefer the old jelly bean than the new update.

  130. Kelly says:

    Battery drain is horrific – I just got my third phone and the first two Verizon insisted there was no battery issue on this phone. I explained that I had updated this “jelly bean” update and they shut everything off etc and said I was overusing! I had not made a call, pushed email once and sent a few text messages and dropped 10% instantly. Battery is at 50% by lunch time and I barely touch the phone. I am not looking to back up my texts/contacts and remove the update!

  131. John Martens says:

    I can’t tell you about my battery life because I’ve constantly been trying to reload all my accounts due to sync being disabled for corporate email, Gmail, dropbox and Facebook. This is really bad it also killed GAL lookups on the native mail client

  132. colrags says:

    Jelly bean update on galaxy s2
    Battery life is now terrible. I have to charge twice a day. And the 3g is now rubbish. Wish l hadn’t done it. Can I go back to ice cream sandwich please?

  133. Blessmyfall01 says:

    I dont have Verizon and i too have suffered horribly from the update. It has become a huge inconvenience, and is very frustrating.

  134. Chrystina12 says:

    I haven’t noticed a battery issue but I watch video all day. My big problem is the keyboard. It freezes a lot (i had to rewrite this message because I had to shut off my ohone because it froze and stopped working while writing) and the predictive text is a screwed up and if its not freezing it lags really really bad.

  135. pissed says:

    My phone is so f in slow now. I want to throw it at the wall. I drop calls everywhere can’t send messages and when I do l8ke now Iike now it takes ten seconds to spell the word I already typed. I now hate my galaxy! !!!

  136. sese_jane1988 says:

    I am having serious issues with this new update i was on icecream sandwich before then with no issues at all !… i HATE this new update my picture gallery does not open or if i do get it open it crashes, any ideas i have done a reset and made no difference, and as for battery charged all last night got to wrk at 9.00 and it died at 10.30 do samsung really think this is ok because i dont !

  137. Infurated101 says:


    1. gwhiz says:

      Plus one on the notification bubbles. What were they thinking? In addition to the battery life and keyboard issues, I’ve been plagued by poor reception and dropped calls since the day of the update. And with the recent push of JB 4.1.2 I lost most of my pictures. Looks like the fun never ends with Verizon.

  138. elda90 says:

    yess,I encountered a problem on charging me galaxy s3 ..It showed up after 1 month I did the update ..it never fully charges,and even if i let it 9 hours you can see only 10 % of increase in the battery .the charger and the USB cable are original .can you help me

  139. Renee80 says:

    Yes, the battery life has changed significantly. I have a backup battery so I know its not that. I have tried USB and AC chargers. I turned the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to never. I turn of 4G, Wi-Fi, clear Ram, etc. Currently, I have my S3 on a USB charger. at 8:59am battery life was at 28%. At 1:57pm it is at 9%. Please help! 🙁

  140. wwiseman says:

    Updated mine on Thursday (May 30th) and now I have difficult time connecting to 4G, wi-fi continuously scans, GPS continuously updates, battery is dead with-in 7 hours with no usage, 4G icon stays in notification bar when using wi-fi, cannot swipe call from Contacts list or messaging list. Other than that I can use the multi screen.

  141. MrWill1071 says:

    I had the same issues with 4G connectivity or no signal at all, 3G was even unstable, battery life sucked… so, I just simply turned off the multi window feature and BOOM, my S3 went back to normal. The update is unstable…

  142. oliC says:

    I am really disappointed and even upset that my notification bubble is now working I thought it was my 1yr old who made some changes to it but I dif not expect to find people complaining about it because of an update. I loved this bubble and I want it back!!!!! Also my battery life is exactly that Horrific! !!!! My changing time has also extremely increased infact I left my phone charging for thr entire night and just to find it at half full This morning!!!!! I blamed my husband this time for unplugging and he insisted he never touched the outlet!!!!! This SHOULD NOT HAPPEN WITH SUCH AN EXPENSIVE PHONE! Please gey it fixed!!!!!

  143. TG says:

    I also have seen a dramatic drop in battery life to the point where I’m changing to a spare battery after approximately 7 to 8 hours of use. Prior to the update I would charge/change battery after 12 hours. Another problem that’s arisen is 4G connectivity or the lack of it.I’m getting 3G connectivity where previously 4G existed.

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