Android Deep Sleep Battery Saver for Overnight Bliss

If you are one of the Android faithful out there that leaves their smartphone powered on over night when you are asleep, no doubt your device will need a little extra charging come morning. So what about an Android application you could use that puts your handset into a deep sleep when the screen is off so that battery power is saved. This is where the Deep Sleep Battery Saver app for Android devices comes into play.

The Deep Sleep Battery Saver app for Android devices does that for you, during deep sleep mode background applications are halted including Google services and Facebook, and both 3G and WiFi are switched off, and the app then constantly wakes up to sync Facebook status, download email and such.

The Deep Sleep Battery Saver app features five predefined profiles: strong, aggressive, balance, slumber and gentle that vary on frequency, duration and other settings, whilst in advanced mode (Pro) the user can customises more parameters such as active period, screen time out, ignored applications, sync strategy, day/night settings and more.

For advanced users there is a custom profile (Pro) that can be selected and modified enabling the user to control sync account and auto-sync, separate between weekday and weekend settings, the duration so that the handset is woke up after a selected duration after each frequency cycle, the ability to turn on DS mode as a frequency, control radio settings when DS is on, and select applications that will be halted during DS mode, whilst during the night the device is always in DS mode.

As for the general settings of the Android app, the user can set a short delay before Deep Sleep mode starts to avoid quick screen toggles, there is a whitelist where apps are ignored during DS mode, the ability to check background data that if selected the device will ignore DS mode if traffic is above a defined threshold, and the ability to ignore recent apps.

During Deep Sleep mode the app might disrupt normal activities like your email notifications come with a longer delay and if your setting (ex. WiFi) is off Deep Sleep Battery Saver will not control it during DS mode on.

For those Android faithful that would like to take advantage of what the Deep Sleep Battery Saver app has to offer, you can download the app to your device running Android 2.1 or above from Google Play as a free download.


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