Instagram not selling photos but this is Facebook

There have been millions of users enjoying the popular Instagram application on both the Android and iOS platforms, which led social networking giant Facebook to snap up the service in a massive deal. At the time of the acquisition there were many raised eyebrows with some wondering how the company would make any money out of the service, and following recent revelations it seems Instagram will not be selling users photos.

Last week there were reports that Facebook had an ad team looking into creating revenue from the Instagram service, and more recently some details came to light from its legal terms that seemed to allow Instagram to sell users images or even use them in ads.

According to Cnet though the company has come out and said it will take down the language from its legal terms and apologised about the confusing language, and Chief Executive Kevin Systrom revealed they were working on updating the wording to make things more clearer.

When the terms first came to light many users were furious and many talked about deleting their accounts, and the outrage even caused some of Instagram’s rivals to state their services were more user protective.

None of the rival offerings such as Google+ will allow the sale of any user’s photos and according to the company will always remain the user’s property and have complete control over how they are shared.

Systrom continued by saying that Instagram doesn’t want to own users images, and when a user sets them to private they will remain that way under the new terms, and talked of other ways the business can earn money. It seems the company is going to do things similar to the Facebook sponsored ads that are based on what users Like, which then allows users friends to see the Liked page on their news feeds.

Besides these reassurances from Instagram a lot of users are still wary of Facebook’s plans with some already deleting their Instagram accounts with no plans to create a new one. There are many users still worried about Instagram having the copyright to users photos and have also lost all trust in Facebook.

Have you deleted your Instagram account?

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