iPhone 5C not 5S the great Onion spoof

Since the iPhone 5 was launched back in September our attention has already turned to the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S. However imagine our shock today to discover an interim iPhone on the way called the iPhone 5C. This seventh-generation model was totally unexpected and caught many tech sites and bloggers by surprise when Apple’s Tim Cook revealed it yesterday touting it as the “best new iPhone since you broke your last iPhone.” Aimed at the clumsier among us, read on for more details of the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C looks set to become a flagship device for klutzes and Apple itself feels the phone will be ideal for college-age girls. Instead of having to wait for that first mishap, those who purchase the iPhone 5C can buy it already shattered in a variety of models, as Nina Shankar of The Onion reports in the video that you can see below. At this point you’ve probably tumbled the plot here and realize that this is another noteworthy Onion spoof starting with a special press event where the iPhone 5C is unveiled to the usual tech audience.

The video then goes on to detail some of the models available on a very authentic looking Apple website, such as ‘dropped in beer’ (with that weird black blob forever) or ‘crushed by bike’ or how about ‘cracked on the dance floor.’ It also features a couple of teenage girls with one very excited saying it’s the phone she’s been waiting for since her last iPhone fell in a sewer. The iPhone 5C even has its own tagline, “the phone you love, broken.”

Finally at the end of the short video we learn about Apple’s next iPhone aimed at Dads and if you play the video we think there will be plenty of readers who this might ring a bell with. This is a really funny spoof and gave us a real chuckle so we urge you to watch it for yourself and tell us what you think. It also begs the question that if the iPhone 5C that comes with an already-broken display is targeted at college-age girls, then what sort of iPhone do you think Apple could come up with for teenage boys?

By the way you may be interested in the real next iPhone in which case you can check out our iPhone 5S posts here. We’d really like to hear from readers about this spoof iPhone 5C. Give us your ideas for the question above regarding an iPhone for teenage boys and let us know what you think about The Onion spoof for the iPhone 5C by sending us your comments.

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