vShare on iPhone after installous will terminate

The iOS platform is hugely popular with millions of users, but there are many that like to do their own thing when it comes to software that is used on the various iOS devices. Many iPhone 5 owners for instance are hoping an untethered jailbreak becomes available for the device, which then allows them to add their own software tweaks and apps to the device. There are also many that install pirated apps onto their device instead of paying for them, and after Installous was shut down there is another alternative in the shape of vShare for the iPhone.

Installous was a major source for some users to get access to pirated paid apps from the Apple App Store, but this has now been closed down, and the pirated app store only shows a couple of errors now. These include Installous will now terminate” or “API Error. API unavailable.”

For a while now the website offered access to huge numbers of paid for iOS apps for free on a jailbroken iOS device. Trouble is this form of piracy can cost developers a great deal in lost revenue, and for smaller ones it makes things even worse.

Here on Phones Review we don’t condone the practice of getting paid for apps for free, but in some cases you can see why this is done. There will be many that actually download the pirated version of an app first to give it a proper road test before actually shelling out the cash to purchase the official version.

There is the option for some applications on the App Store to be tested before purchase, but if this was expanded to cover all paid for apps it may reduce the downloading of pirated versions greatly. Obviously there are always some users that will never want to pay for an app, but despite the closure of Installous there are still other ways hackers can get access to pirated apps.

iGeeksBlog are reporting of another Cydia tweak that is similar to Installous going under the name of vShare. Trouble is the various developers that release paid for applications will have worked hard getting the product onto the App Store, and using things such as vShare can damage the prospect of seeing more releases in the future.

If Apple and the various developers could allow users to test out a chosen application for a limited time before it shuts down or purchased, it would surely see increased revenues for all those concerned. Granted users can read reviews on the apps that are on the App Store, but there is nothing like trying something out for yourself.

Have you used vShare and do you think it is better than Installous?


2 thoughts on “vShare on iPhone after installous will terminate”

  1. Yuh says:

    I had used installous for long time before finding vshare(was called appvv at that time) and even though i used them both(untill last week RIP)(also still use appcake) i prefer vshare. The direct downloads always atleast 200kbps and some up to 2mbps(no 30kbps slingfile downloads) and it so much simpler to just click download.(no torrents and capchas)

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