Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm Bullet Earphones with debatable price

We’re already seeing news coming from CES 2013 in Las Vegas and a unique item that has come to our attention so far is the Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm bullet Earphones. The increasing desire for high-end headphones should be fulfilled by these earphones and they certainly stand out amongst the many others aimed at this end of the market. Munitio aims itself at the urban lifestyle brand and we think the design of the Nines Tactical 9mm Earphones will appeal to many.

We have said in the title Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm Bullet Earphones with debatable price because we are not too sure if the price is too steep or just right. Before you flinch at the $169.99 price tag take a good look at our images here and you can see just how stylish these Munitio earphones are. If they sound as good as they look then they could well be worth the money and Munitio itself bills them as delivering “unmatched sound quality.” The Nines Tactical earphones have enhanced acoustics and the new Nines have earth neodymium 9mm drivers and Bass Enhancing Chamber tweaks and also custom tuned Acoustic Sound Flow System. This offers less bass distortion, crystal clear mids and detailed highs and a more expansive dynamic range.

Other features are noise-isolating Silicone Hollow Points and Kevlar reinforced fabric cables. Design-wise the Nines Tactical bullet-shaped earphones have a titanium-coated finish and the casings are individually machined from a solid piece of high-density copper alloy. These Nines earphones also have a 24k gold-plated plug. They are suitable for all leading-brand MP3s and tablets and for those who own an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch there’s also the advantage of a three-button mic control for volume while Android devices that are supported have single button functionality.

You can find full details of the Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm Earphones at this product page where you’ll see the $169.99 price and availability in three finishes, black, silver or gold. You may also be interested in another product that we’ve already seen from CES in which case why not check out our article on the new HMDX Jam Plus and Party speakers here.

We’d like to find out what you think about these Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm Earphones. Do you think the price is reasonable considering the top-end production or simply too steep? Let us know with your comments.

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