MyFitnessPal app, DIY Calorie & Diet Tracker for 2013

I’m pretty sure that many people out there have made their New Years resolution to lose a bit of weight and get more healthy now that we have entered 2013. But New Years resolutions are always made with intentions of keeping to that promise to yourself but more often than not, many fall by the wayside for one reason or another. However, if you use a smartphone or tablet using a mobile app could help you keep that New Years resolution to lose weight and get healthy.

So with that in mind we have a mobile app called the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker for your consideration, and an app by MyFitnessPal that is for both the iOS platform and the Android platform that apparently has the largest food database of any calorie counter, in excess of two million foods, and there is no easier or faster diet tracking app.

The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app is for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple iPad and Android devices, features a 100 percent free barcode scanner along with the ability to fully sync with the web so you can log in from your mobile device or computer, whilst your data is also backed up online.

The mobile app enables the user to track all major nutrients, fat, protein, carbs, calories, cholesterol, fibre, sugar and more, the ability to save and reuse entire meals, add multiple items at once, the ability to create an unlimited quantity of custom foods, and add friends so you can easily track and support each other’s progress.

The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app for iOS and Android also offers in excess of 350 exercises, the ability to track both strength and cardio training including weight/rep, reps, and sets along with creating custom exercises, customised goals based on your specific diet profile such as age, gender, activity level and such, and if you have been given recommendations by a nutritionist or doctor you can also enter them into your goals.

With the app you can also get motivation and support on the web from the MyFitnessPal community that has millions of dieters, whilst entries are auto-synced to the web and vice versa, and there is an option to auto-post your progress to Facebook and Twitter.

For those iOS faithful that could do with a little help in keeping that dieting New Year’s resolution you can download the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app to your iDevice for free from iTunes, and likewise the Android faithful can grab the app from Google Play for free.

Are any of our readers contemplating losing a few pounds this year and using a mobile app to help?

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