Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ZCALL2 via OTA or Kies

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 over in China has already seen its first update to the Android Jelly Bean operating system; however the latest firmware for the device is now available to grab, and that if firmware version N7102ZCALL2 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean, and this latest version will deliver several new features to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7102.

Samsung have made the Android Jelly Bean N7102ZCALL2 firmware update available both via over the air and through Samsung Kies, so if you have problems with Kies it is probably best to hang on for the OTA update to hit your device.

The new Android Jelly Bean update delivers such new features as Group Cast and and Swipe-like keyboard apps along with new additions in notification toggles, a better browser, a new ink effect on the lock screen, multi-windows view that can also be disabled if desired, a customisable notification shade, and the brightness slider in the notifications panel can now be disabled.

If however for some reason you have tampered with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ROM you are unable to update your device via the official channels, you can head over to Android Jinn where they have provided a tutorial on how to install the Android Jelly Bean N7120ZCALL2 update to your device.

Naturally the tutorial does come with a warning that you will require ODIN to flash the firmware to your handset, and they there is a possibility you might lose all existing personal settings and installed applications.

The tutorial is also only for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7120 version and should not be used for any other Android device, and of course if you do decide to flash the leaked version of Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2ZCALL2 to your device you do so at your own risk.

So with that said, perhaps it is best to sit back and wait for that update to hit your handset over-the-air unless Samsung Kies works fine for you.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ZCALL2 via OTA or Kies”

  1. Linda Albers says:

    Immediately after my Galaxy S3 was upgraded to Jelly Bean, the battery began to rapidly discharge. Nine technicans at both Verizon and Samsung, two replacement phones, and one new battery haven’t solved the problem. Myy portable phone is no longer portable but needs regular tethering to the charging cable. Boo Jelly Bean.

    1. Benne says:

      My Galaxy s3 also is doing the same. Battery drains faster and takes longer hours than before to charge complete. This is so unusual. Samsung please do something about this…. Now i have a Note 2 4.1.1 I don’t think its advisable to update.

  2. RenoTonakai says:

    When I installed the update, my Note 2 responds a little slower. Like when I press the middle down button, the app window appears slower than usual. Also when my screen is locked and I go straight to notifications and press on one, it opens it slower than it used to do. I had a lot of messeges about how to scroll and everything. + When I opened my mail about facebook and press See Comment, it opens a pop up window, instead of asking what to choose (like chrome).

  3. Eureka says:

    well…..my Galaxy Note 2 works just as fine and smooth as before updating the software. The internet browsing is a little faster than before just as promised. All the new features are there and they’re working great! No problems whatsoever. So….yea! I-am-one-happy-Samsung-customer! =)

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