Jessops administration 2013 may mean apps cease to work

Since the credit crunch first hit us back towards the end of 2008 we have been left with numerous companies going to the wall, and the retail industry in the UK has been practically badly hit. This all started with Woolworths that closed down a few months before its one hundredth anniversary, and more recently technology supplier Comet closed its doors for the last time. Today though we have news of another possible casualty in the form of Jessops, which are thought to be the first high street retailer to enter administration in 2013, and this may mean the company’s numerous iOS and Android applications cease to work.

It is being reported by The Guardian that the high street camera retailer is on the brink of going into administration, which puts the company’s 198 stores and in turn around 2,000 jobs at risk. It is being reported that the company has lined up PricewaterhouseCoopers as the administrator, and this comes after the company previously fell into administration back in 2009, but was luckily saved following a deal with the HSBC bank.

Trouble is it now seems the retailers fortunes have failed to pick up, and while there will be many workers worrying about their futures, we were wondering what any closure of the company may mean for its numerous applications on the Android and iOS platforms.

There is the likes of the Jessops Print Shop for the iOS platform available from the App Store, and for Android there is the Jessops Photo on the Google Play Store. Both of these applications are obviously free to download, but if users have recently ordered some prints from the retailer using the app they may be some concern if these will ever arrive.

Users of the applications would have used a credit or debit card to order the prints of their photos, but if the company does go into administration in the coming hours those prints may never actually be processed and money lost. At the time of writing this news hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied by any of the parties involved, and it’s this silence that unfortunately may mean it is about to happen.

Do you use any of the Jessops applications?

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