Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Three UK Kies download

If you are a proud owner of the super sleek Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and on the Three UK network, you will be very happy to know that Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is ready to download and install via Kies. Some users have notified us that you can automatically download direct from the S3 by going into your settings as well.

Before we get into the details we would like to give credit to a tweet we saw over on the Three UK Twitter account, but we really need to point out Three that it is Kies not Keis, take a look at the screenshot below to understand what we mean Galaxy S3 readers.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 is all ready for you to download via Kies, if you do own this handset you should be getting a notification that it is available. If you have not received your notification then please do check manually within your settings, once you are in settings please scroll down to the ‘About Phone’ and enter, then select ‘Software updates’ and wait until the search has finished. Once it has found the Jelly Bean update you will see terms and conditions, proceed and then wait for the reboot and it will install the new software.

Please do back-up your Samsung Galaxy S3 before going ahead with the update, you would not like to lose anything now would you. The new update fixes a few bugs as well as offering the cool Multiview feature for multi-tasking on the smartphone in split-screen format. There is another feature called “Page Buddy” that is very good because it will open another homescreen dependant on different conditions.

Users will also notice many new features and of course pure smoothness when operating their Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, we have contacted a few Three UK users and they said that they got their Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean update a few days ago, if you have this handset and on the Three UK network could you please be a gem and come forward and let us know if this is true.

In the meantime please do let us know how you are getting on with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Three UK Kies download?


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Three UK Kies download”

    1. ronf57 says:

      go into settings and change it back to your carriers setting from Global Roaming.

      This fix has been discussed many places previously and has helped many of us. It seems the Jelly bean update sets every S3 to Global Roaming and that keeps the phone searching for a better connection and burning up battery power. hope that helps.
      Call your carriers tech support if you can’t find the setting. my S3 went traveling with my wife or i’d post the how to.

    2. ronf57 says:

      Here’s the post I was refferring to:
      Dgphotog•12 days ago
      For those who aren’t in the club (I’m apparently not), this elusive setting can be found under “Settings/More Settings/Mobile Networks/Network mode/LTE/CDMA.” I hope my providing this hint doesn’t offend those who believe this should be patently obvious.30You must sign in to down-vote this post.

      @Dgphotog thanks that got me near the setting. The actual setting is under not [network mode] but [Preferred network mode] and yup mine was set for global even though i had [Global Data Roaming Access] set as Deny data roaming access. I didn’t realize there were two settings for Global. thanks I couldn’t find it until you posted the secret passage way

  1. Woody says:

    Had my 4.1 2 over a week now wouldn’t download from kies the update was there but wouldn’t go onto my phone so had to download it from Sam mobile multi view and the new gallery are very nice

  2. Craig M says:

    But is there any chance of us poor people who foolishly bought our Samsung Galaxy S3 over the Internet (it was actually shipped from Hong Kong), popped in our (orange) Sim card and have been using it happily ever since? Will we ever get this upgrade? I have many friends and colleagues who have this excellent phone. I am the only one languishing on the old version of the operating system. Repeated requests to Samsung since October have been met with the same reply (wait, wait, wait!). Would be nice to get it updated before android five comes out!

    1. Gum168 says:

      We are also waiting for an update for a phone that was bought in July 2013 (from an Amazon seller in the UK and shipped from UK!). We have 2 phones in the house, one has happily updated regularly, and the other has never updated. Still on Android 4.0.4. The other has Android 4.1.2 (bought at Heathrow airport Dixons 2 days after launch and after being unable to lay my hands on one in any shop elsewhere). Frustrating in the extreme. I’m beginning to think the only answer is to go with Nexus next time.

  3. peter gilder says:

    my phone is “frozen”?! I keep getting the message ” Unfortunately, the processandroid.process.mediahas stopped”! What does this mean? Also, you cannot call me and I cannot set an audible ringtone! Help someone please!

  4. I got my upgrade to 4.1.2 over the air from Three yesterday and I’ve gotta say I hate it. Why on earth did they have to disable the auto correct feature when using the keyboard. I used this all the time and found it really useful. I hate the fact it’s been taken away. Also, my battery drains faster than Usain Bolt can run. I liked the S3 when I first had it, but now I hate it. Please fix these problems or let me downgrade to 4.1.1

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