White Noise app helps the sleep cycle pattern

Tiredness is one of those things none of us like, sleepless nights, tossing and turning all night, and even worse than that – keeping your partner up all night as well just because you cannot sleep. There are many things we can do in this day and age to help those having problems sleeping at night and help is now here called the ‘White Noise’ app that apparently helps the sleep cycle pattern.

Some may think this is just a silly app that will not work in a million years, personally we here at Phones Review say “Anything is worth a shot if it will help those with sleep issues”, this app called White Noise offers Android and iPhone users several white noise options such as crickets, thunder storm, beach waves, airplane travel, rain and a fan, chimes, and grandfather clock, these can be turned off after a certain amount of time you have set.

Dr. Oz said that people could sleep better with White Noise because of the pure ambient sounds; it puts you in a place of calm and an environment where you feel relaxed.

Main features within this app includes the ability to import sounds from the White Noise market website, we love the fact that you can mix a few of the noises together to create your very own sound, other features include the user being able to create their very own playlist of mixes and sounds. If that is not all, then the display turning into a LED clock might be good for you, different sound timers that users can alter the audio out so that you don’t get woken suddenly that could scare the living daylights out of you. You can also fade alarms, and the app also comes with stunning pictures that matches the sound.

The White Noise app is perfect for those who cannot sleep well at night because of being easily disturbed, staying in a hotel with noise going on, or trying to relax or sleep on a plane on your travels can be hard for some, this app may be what you are looking for.

You can buy this as a free app or a paid app, if you go for the paid version you will get extras such as 40 high quality noises, no limits on importing new sounds, multitask with background audio, Import unlimited new sounds from the apps website, NO ads will be shown and many more alarms. Please click the relevant links of choice — Android Free / Paid, iTunes Free / Paid

Do you have trouble sleeping?

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