Skinny iPhone 5 uNu DX 2300mAh battery case

There is a huge variety of cases that can be used to protect the smartphones we use today, but not everyone wants to cover up that stylish looking device. There are some cases though that offer that little bit more than just protecting a smartphone device, and today we have the skinny iPhone 5 uNu DX 2300 mAH battery case.

This new model follows on from the company’s hugely popular battery cases for the iPhone 4S, and offers owners of the iPhone 5 a true 100 percent boast in battery power. The case features a sleek design with a minimal 15mm thickness that will still protect the device when in place.

It features a useful 2,300 mAh battery unit that adds an extra 100 percent battery power to the Apple iPhone 5, which works out at an extra ten hours of talk time. The case features a redesigned charging circuit that is optimized to charge the handset at 1A/5W speed, which is double the speed of previous cases.

The case supports both charging and synchronization of the smartphone via the product, and turns the lightning port on the handset to the more commonly used microUSB port that is found on the DX case. This will allow owners to make use of their already owned charging cables and docking accessories.

It has been thoroughly tested and will pass the ‘Made for iPhone’ certification and testing process, and in turn provide a reliable product for iPhone 5 owners.

Supplied with the DX protective battery case is also a Crystal Clear screen protector, operation manual, headphone w/mic extension cable, and a micro fibre cleaning cloth. The iPhone 5 uNu DX 2300 mAH battery case is available from here for $79.95 with a one year warranty.

Battery life can often become an issue especially for some iPhone 5 users, and by using a case such as this they get the all important battery life while protecting the device from life’s bumps and scrapes.

Do you like the idea of a battery case for your iPhone 5?


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