iPad, iPhone synching technology at Detroit Auto Show

Our mobile devices used to only communicate with Bluetooth headsets we wore as we drove our cars, but technology has moved on a great deal in recent times with much more features becoming available via mobile devices. Today we have some news from the Detroit Auto show concerning iPad and iPhone syncing technology.

As it is being reported by NECN.com a technology called telematics that is basically about using your electronics to talk to your car, and a growing number of ideas are developing in this area. There are some though that believe there are too many electronics built into our cars, especially if they go wrong.

The idea we have for you today is an application for the iPhone or iPad that controls things such as your seat in a car wirelessly via Bluetooth. As you can see in the video below a simple swipe with a finger will move the seats position or even give your back a massage via a lumber support fitted to the seat.

This is not all as there is even provision for recharging your iPhone wirelessly, and with the installed cup holders inside the car users can either chill their drink, or if it’s something like a coffee keep it warm.

Of course these actions can only be achieved if the features are built into a vehicle for the mobile device to control, but it certainly opens up a number of opportunities in the future for a variety of things. Have a watch of the video below and tell us what features you would like to see using this technology.

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