Test drive AirDroid v2 Beta APK with nifty features

While some people mainly iPhone users, may criticise the openness of the Android platform, it allows for some great applications to become available on the platform that offer a growing variety of uses, and today you can test drive the AirDroid v2 beta APK that has some nifty features.

The guys over on the Android Police have news about an application that allows users to remotely access and change things on their Android device. To begin with the app was only available as an invite only beta, but now anyone that can actually download it can give it a go.

AirDroid v2 has also had some great new features added such as being able to access the camera on your device via a web browser, and in use was found to work really well. There is a camera icon that allows users to take an image that will go straight to your preferred download location, which is instead of your handset.

Another new feature is ‘Find Phone’ that allows you to track your devices location with the information it has available such as GPS or other available location services. It has to be remembered though this is still beta software, and even the release notes advises you to proceed with caution or even backup your device before running AirDroid v2.

As with any pre-release software you may encounter some issues or at worse lose data, but if you want to give AirDroid v2 a go click here, or the latest stable version of AirDroid can be found free via the Google Play Store.

Have you used the AirDroid app?

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