iPhone 5 Xplorer Impactology case coming soon

While smartphones look more stylish than ever now this can often come at the cost of them seemingly being more fragile. No matter how careful we are with our handsets many of us may have had the misfortune of dropping our device, which can sometimes lead to a costly repair. Luckily there are solutions to this problem in the form of cases or bumpers, and today we have news of the iPhone 5 Xplorer Impactology case that is coming soon.

The case is joining the range of products that is available from Tech21, and will offer owners of the iPhone 5 dustproof, waterproof, and impact protection for their treasured smartphone. It has been designed for users that lead an active life and may find themselves in situations that expose them to the elements.

While the case is both dustproof and waterproof it will come in a form factor that is really thin so won’t overly add to the thickness of the smartphone. It has an iP-68 rating and includes the Impactology approved D30 impact material that the company uses for a number of other products in its range.

The Xplorer iPhone 5 case has been designed to be waterproof to a depth of 2.5 metres, allowing the handset to be fully submersed without damaging the handset. The new range of cases will also include the unique SecureClip feature that prevents the case from bursting open if the handset is dropped, and all of the iPhone 5’s functions and ports are fully accessible while inside the case.

It will be launched during the first quarter of 2013 and will come with blue, black, and white colour options and until the Xplorer iPhone 5 case is available you can look at the company’s other products here.


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