Whoa! new iPhone colours rather than black & white


iPhones are still a two-tone affair – black or white – although there is huge demand for more choice. In a recent poll conducted by BGR, 63% of respondents claimed they would buy a new iPhone in a new colour. Fortunately, there is finally a company, which will customise your iPhone to the colour you really want: iPhoneColour.

Many iPhone fans, including celebrities have already jumped on the opportunity to be different and get their iPhone designed how they truly like it. According to co-Founder Sam Kitondo, “celebs such as Lady Leshurr, Karis (from Stooshe), Fugative, Aattilia Fabbrini already have ordered red, pink and yellow colours. Lauran Alexandra even has a leopard skin, as she wanted a bit more sex appeal. There are so many orders rushing in – it’s great!”

Instead of just buying another external case, iPhoneColour actually replaces the handset casing with the same high-grade manufacturer OEM parts, but with new colours. This way the transition is truly natural. And the process is simple: an iPhoneColour technician will replace the case in front of you in a few minutes. A 14-day warranty is offered to ensure complete satisfaction for its customers.

Currently, red, blue, green, yellow and pink colours are available for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 models and a more custom-design can also be requested. You can also ask for the same black or white if you just want to hide your scratches or damages.

To order your own colour today, visit their partner, mobile marketplace, Sooqini.com, which exclusively sells each case for £58. For more information on iPhoneColour and to follow them visit their pages: Facebook and Twitter.

Phones Review Say’s: We have never heard of iPhone Colour or Sooqini, so we are calling out to our readers to let us know if you have used these before. All the information you can give us the better, sounds good though.

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