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While there is a standard version of Google Chrome for Android users to enjoy, the search engine giant has also provided a beta version of the application for those on the platform that want to experience an edgier life trying out new features that are not available in the standard app. A few days ago a recent update added some new features, and now the Google Chrome Beta has a full screen mode for Android.

After doing a couple of things users of the Google Chrome Beta can view web pages in full screen, but it has to be remembered this is only a beta so sometimes it will not work. First you need an Android device that is running Ice Cream Sandwich or above and install the Chrome for Android beta via Google Play.

Once the app is opened you will need to type in chrome://flags/ into the address bar at the top, and once the page has loaded scroll down until you find the option for enabling WebGL. This will get you to re-launch the web browser, and then you will need to head to the Boids and Buildings experiment that can be found here.

This brings the full screen mode to the app as well as creating a line drawn city, but it has to be remembered this is only a beta and can sometimes the feature can be patchy and not always working every time it is launched.

Sometimes when the app is re-launched the browser can display as normally instead of the full screen mode, but so far it hasn’t suffered from any crashes. So far I have only tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but will attempt to view it on my Nexus 7 when I have more time later.

Are you a user of the Chrome for Android Beta?


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Beta full screen mode for Android”

  1. Carlos Blanco says:

    Jesus ! 🙂
    yes, cool that chrome finally have the full screen, but come on! there are 3 browsers that had full screen already: FullScreen, SkyFire and Firefox among others.
    Anyway, very welcome since chrome is the fastest and accurate to display pages on Android.

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