iPhone 5 & Android Orobis Transform 2-in-1 cable


Ok, so you have an iPhone 5 and your partner has an Android phone, or you may be one of the lucky ones that have two devices. Does it annoy you that you have both devices on you but you hate carrying around two separate cables to charge and sync etc? If you back a new campaign and it does well the new Orobis Transform cable that amazingly transforms could be in your possession.

The Orobis Transform cable eliminates carrying around many cables at once, this new accessory is as big as your thumb and can be carried around in your pocket, handbag etc with ease. This is a great charging cable that also allows you to sync your device to a laptop or PC etc.

The main end comprises of a 180-degree full foldable duo axles mechanism, the half-open microUSB creates a new press-in connecting pattern but still maintains the traditional plug-in usage. It is an unprecedented technology that breaks the routine, and it works with the iPhone 5, iPad mini, Bluetooth earphones, Android devices, speakers, docks and so much more.

iPhone 5 & Android Orobis Transform 2-in-1 cable pic 1

It has a lightning connector for the iPhone and iPad etc, but all it needs is a simple swivel action and it will show another connector for different devices. The Orobis Transform cable is a new project campaign waiting for money contributions, the goal is to reach $25,000 with 42 days left, so far this project has raised $2,889 — For more information please visit IndieGoGo.

iPhone 5 & Android Orobis Transform 2-in-1 cable pic 2

Please do watch the video provided below of the Orobis Transform cable in action, thanks.

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