Stream that song, a Shazam-like with direct reference on Deezer


Shazam is a nice application, it is a fact, but it is not perfect and suffers such a very bad thing: Once the song has been identified, the only thing you can do is buy it on iTunes. We cannot do anything else and that’s a shame.

The objective of ‘Stream that song’ is precisely to overcome this gap by allowing you to listen in Deezer of all titles identified with the application. And that, ultimately, it is still very useful, because it allows you to put aside all your favorite songs with minimal effort.

Imagine for a moment. You are quietly doing the shops of the mall nearest you, you hear a nice song in a shop, you leave your smartphone, you throw Shazam, you identify the song and … that’s all. If you want to add it to a playlist on Deezer, you must launch the application that goes well, a manual search and add the title of your choice to one of your playlists. It is long, it is not practical and that is exactly what prompted Orange Labs to launch a concurrent application.

In principle, ‘Stream that song’ works exactly like Shazam. When you hear a song that you want to identify, you must actually launch the app, touch an area of the screen and wait for the tool recovers all song information. However, where the application will further is that it will automatically offer us the ability to listen to a song in Deezer after identified. And from there, we can … listen, but also and above all fit in the playlist of our choice in a few steps.

In the end, Stream Song That should please a lot of people, especially for fans of music streaming. Go and get the ‘Stream that song via the App Store right now and see how you get on.


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