Embrace+ wireless fashion gadget for Android and iPhone


A new Kickstarter project called the Embrace+ is a fashion accessory that wirelessly connects with Android and iPhone and notifies you of incoming calls, SMS, email, messages from social media apps, and many other functions. Embrace+ is unique because it doesn’t look and feel like a device but rather like a fashionable bracelet. It is feather light and made of one piece without buttons or screws.

The coolest feature is that you can customize notifications with colors and the whole band will glow! You can set colors for contacts such as a bf/gf, best friend, family, boss, secret love, and so on.

This is a simple device that really takes fashion and tech to a new level, to put it into easy terms without going into all the technical stuff it is as simple as this; you put the Embrace+ on your wrist, then you open the app on your smartphone (Works with any device using iOS 5 or iOS 6 and Android 2.3 and up), this means it will work on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS and event the HTC One X, you get the drift. Once you have the app open and the Embrace+ on your arm this is where all the fun begins.

Embrace+ wireless fashion gadget for Android and iPhone will allow you to do so much, it can change colours to suit your mood or even the ability to choose a colour to suit what you are wearing. We love the fact users can choose whatever colour they desire for incoming calls, your girlfriend calls you and it could be red, your mate could be blue, pink for your wife etc.

The Embrace+ allows you to set your notifications such as incoming call contacts, text messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so many more, you sync to your phone and choose what colour you want for any notifications that comes via your handset.

This simple but very functional fashion accessory and if you visit Kickstarter you can help the project by pledging $49 and you receive one Embrace+ and a charging cable packed in a fancy retail box at a highly discounted price! The App can be downloaded for free in iTunes and Google Play Store.

Would you buy the Embrace+? Please watch the video below for more information

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