iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry vs Windows Phone: Complete OS Comparison


In this day and age, smartphones seem to be on the cusp of becoming more intelligent than us humans — if I’m not careful mine can get a one up on me pretty easily. So how can we mere mortals decide which smartphone to choose to be our partner in crime? Well, don’t fret, because My Phone Deals have done all the leg work for you and have compiled this comprehensive, concise, multi-dimensional infographic that compares all four major smartphone operating systems that’s also handsome, sleek and highly desirable to boot (yes, I’m still talking about the infographic here). But don’t let me speak for you, take a look for yourself.

With major brands popping out smartphones at the quickest rate since its inception, there are a few important factors unique to each user that are seriously considered before calling it their own. How does it organise my files? Will I be on top of my social media profiles? If I misplaced myself, could its map features get me back home? For a long time it seemed Apple’s iPhone iOS was at the forefront of this user-friendly technology, but in the past few years Android’s Jelly Bean and Windows have given them something to worry about; their operating systems spreading across more models with features rivalling the iOS.

However, a newcomer recently reared its head in the form of past global smartphone leader, Blackberry’s 10 handset. In a comeback that (might possibly) stir more gossip than Fleetwood Mac’s, it looks like Blackberry have removed one of their notable features — the BIS servers giving consumers back to back encrypted push email. This might beg the question — would it still inherently be a Blackberry? If Fleetwood Mac lost Stevie Nicks, would they still be Fleetwood Mac?

Having seemingly disappeared off the market after Apple first released its iPhone; Blackberry has a lot of years to catch up on, especially when Apple is about to ship its seventh generation (rumoured for mid-2013). With smartphones becoming more of an essential part of our daily lives, it’s anyone’s game for user desirability. Which will you choose?

Please take a look at the iPhone iOS vs Android vs Blackberry OS vs Windows Phone complete infographic comparison below, click the infographic to take you to the full clear to see version.

iPhone iOS 6.1, Android 4.2, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8 compared

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