Sony Xperia Z prompts weird and wonderful smartphone disasters


The Sony Xperia Z is said to be one of the best smartphones for being water resistant and super tough, so a new survey was conducted by Phones 4U to look at the weird and wonderful ways mobile phone owners have damaged their phones.

We have all had one or more smartphone disasters, in some cases dropping them in water, falling to the floor and cracking the screen, but this is all normal and the infographic shown below shows more of the weird accidents that have happened.

The Nokia 3310 according to Phones 4U followers is one of the most toughest mobile phones that was ever owed, and apparently according to the infographic one couple tried to re-enact the Titanic scene at the front of a ship they was on and dropped the phone into the big drink, not very clever was it?

How many of you have dropped your smartphone into a bucket of acid or dropped the phone in the toilet?

Apparently people with tattoos are 37% more likely to have an accident with a smartphone, the infographic is crazy but fun and it made us laugh, please do take a look at let us know what you think. Let us know how you have damaged your smartphone?

Smartphone Disasters infographic from Phones 4u
Infographic created by Phones 4u. To avoid your own Smartphone Disasters, get the new Xperia Z at Phones 4u, Sony’s perfect combination of design and durability.

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