Sony Xperia Z LED notification issue, reset cure discussed


The Sony Xperia Z has been reaching end users in many regions as the handset is the first in a line that the company is hoping will turn it into a major force in the smartphone world. Some of the early owners of the handset though have been reporting an issue with the LED notification light, with discussions of a reset cure that doesn’t always work.

There is no doubt that the Sony Xperia Z is one of the best Android smartphones available at the moment, and the best handset the company has provided so far, but there seems to be a minor bug with the device that is affecting a number of owners.

A couple of growing threads on the Sony support website as well as the XDA Developers forum are seeing owners of the device reporting a problem with the handsets LED notification light. It seems for many users it is only working while the handset is charging, and not for any incoming calls or messages.

Some users have done a factory reset after backing up all of their data and the problem has been cured, but for some users it has continued. This is also affecting users when the Stamina mode is not enabled, and after completing the reset.

Some owners have said that their handsets where replaced by Sony only for the issue to appear again, so it does seem like a minor software glitch but an annoying one all the same. Other users have suggested uninstalling or switching off the preinstalled McAfee software to try and fix the problem.

Have you had any issues with the LED notification light on your Sony Xperia Z?


8 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z LED notification issue, reset cure discussed”

  1. Gnomean says:

    Yup exactly the same problem as my xperia z. Did reset twice and repair once, but the led notification only works when the phone is charge. Hope Sony releases a fix very soon as it is really annoying.

  2. Gaurav says:

    Yup Facing the same problem. But once I format and turned off the sync it is working perfectly. But certainly it is annoying to have a stupid bug in a high end phone.

  3. Mike says:

    not noticed to be honest but, I don’t need an annoying flashing light to tell me I have a message so if I have the fault I’ll let it be and benefit from this annoying feature. only if other phones had this fault!

  4. imran says:

    same problem as my xperia z. Did reset twice, i also have problem about the keypad is not vibrate when typing a message to send or anything like internet bowsing, i have looked into the settings and nowhere to be found.

  5. Gnomean says:

    I called Sony and they mentioned that the Led Notification WILL NOT WORK with the “STAMINA MODE ON”. And NO there is no service or application that you can select and add while stamina mode is on for led notification only.

    I tested turning off Stamina mode then rebooting the phone and it did work for me, regardless of the color of the led notification and even while the phone is not charging. Hope this helps.

  6. babajan says:

    Hi, Every one I am using last 8 days… It’s very very nice mobile all applications is good but one thing is bad.. Mobile get over heating by 3 g net pls solve the problems..pls Sony….

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