Become Creative In Bed: Download ibis Sleep Art


We have all done some funny things in bed and yes we all think our “performances” do, at least occasionally, have merit. But creating art! Mmmm, perhaps not. Until now that is, because there is a new app that creates art and yes real unique art at that while you sleep.

The app is called ‘ibis Sleep Art’ and comes from Ibis, the hotel people who after all should know more about what goes on in bedrooms than most of us as they have thousands of rooms across the UK. Ibis teamed up with Swedish robotics experts Acne and the creative teams at BETC Digital to develop Sleep Art.

The Sleep Art app is available for new generation iPhones and the iOS 5 and 6 operating systems. It captures movement (and sounds!) from your night’s sleep and converts this data into virtual brush strokes so that when you wake up your sleep pattern has been turned, as if by magic, into a colourful work of art. It is fun, easy to use and designed to create a ‘happy sleep’.

To start the app, the user sets the alarm clock and plugs in their mobile before placing it on the mattress. As the user sleeps, the app runs throughout the night recording the sounds, movements, vibrations and senses of sleep through the phone’s motion sensor. The sleeper is woken by Sleep Art’s gentle alarm clock music and discovers the work of art produced by his or her night’s sleep! You can even, if you are a little bit obsessive perhaps, chart the picture’s progress minute by minute on the screen to see how the art was created during the night.

Every night’s sleep creates a unique picture. It might be instructive to compare the result after a blameless evening with a cup of tea in front of the telly with one produced after a night out with the lads (or lasses) followed by a curry! Or one after holding hands watching a rom-com and another going to bed scared witless by a scary-movie. Either way we all spend up to 3,000 hours asleep every year so it’s nice to think we can all be creating works of art while we snooze!

Sleep art is available from the App Store, please install and let us know what you think of it.

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