New Verizon HTC Thunderbolt update, but not Jelly Bean


Can we sit here and say the HTC Thunderbolt is old news now knowing that it will never receive the Jelly Bean treatment? Well, for some this may not be the case because Verizon has just released new information that the HTC Thunderbolt has a new update arriving soon.

Even though Verizon will be releasing a new update, which can be seen over on its support page documents, we must stress the handset will never see an Android Jelly Bean update. Instead users will have to settle for a very small 19MB update.

The new update for the Thunderbolt contains features that will allow the microphone to work with HAC enabled, amber alerts will be visible, the text messaging app has been improved, as well as HTC Watch now shows titles available for viewing or purchase, there has been some improvements to Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange Email Connectivity as well.

Some may say that the HTC Thunderbolt is heading down a slippery slope, we have had a few emails from users saying they have given up this smartphone for other handsets simply because it will never have a Jelly Bean update. Most HTC devices now support Android JB and even new smartphones are being released with it pre-installed, the Thunderbolt is not good enough to handle such updates.

Whilst we sit and wait patiently, please let us know if you have had any HTC Thunderbolt problems, the more you can tell us about your device the better. Check out the Verizon HTC thunderbolt update via this PDF page.


2 thoughts on “New Verizon HTC Thunderbolt update, but not Jelly Bean”

  1. frustrated says:

    Very frustrated with this update. My phone will no longer send pictures via text message and I get a warning that my SIM card is activating everytime I take phone out sleep mode. Upgrade an improvement….I do not think so! Very disappointing!!!!

  2. Norman Bedard says:

    I am beginning to HATE verizon service re: Tbolt. Does anybody there care that I don’t get calls nor do the appear on my history. After numerous calls to 611, I suggested that maybe they were binig forworded to cyber space. Low and behold she saw a particular call that I was aware I missed from my doctors e-mail and INDEED IT WENT TO NO WHERE! Mind you my phone never has forwarded any call. She agreeded my phone did not cause it. Many days later I am still waiting for an answer. I was told that they do no do tech issues on weekends even though I said I had health issues and it was my only phone! I also was told that it had been escalated,! to where the janitor? After 20 years with Verizon, i can honestly say
    “I CANNOT HEAR YOU NOW”. Two of my friends have also had the auto update recently and have similar problems. One switched to Samsung 4s and the other wants me to let him know what Verizon does. Simple so far, NOTHING except to blame my phone. Verizon, CAN YOU HERE ME NOW? certainly not for long, running out of patience. The web is a wonderful place to share ALL kinds of personal experiences, both good and BAD. boasfesta@hotmail.com

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