Samsung Galaxy easier to use than iPhone according to survey


In the same way as PS3 and Xbox 360 owners there will always be rivalry between owners of the Apple iPhone and Android devices, which each side claiming their device is better. Now according to a survey the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones is easier to use than the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone and its iOS software has long been famed for its simplicity but a recent survey carried out by Siegel+Gale has found on a product basis that the Galaxy S brand of smartphones is simpler than the iPhone. Those that were taking part in the survey like the way the Samsung hardware was more compatible with other standards and brands that include accessories.

Respondents also like the ease of transferring files on Samsung devices which must mean services such as S Beam that allows the simple transferring of files by tapping two devices together. Siegel+Gale states that on a product basis the Galaxy range of hardware can do more than the iPhone and simpler too.

When it comes to the actual brand Apple beats its rival coming in at number 5 out of a list of 94 companies covering a number of different industries with Samsung 14th. These findings will obviously divide opinion and from a personal point of view I believe both devices have their merits over each other.

There will be many that don’t like the plastic body of the Samsung Galaxy range while equally others won’t like the smaller screen of the iPhone. It has to be remembered as well this survey was only asking 400 people for their opinion and when you consider how many people own either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy device, it’s a very small percentage.

It is also noted that Siegel+Gale lists Samsung as one of its clients as well, so you have to wonder if there is some bias in this survey. At the end of the day it is great for smartphone fans having the choice no matter what device they prefer as it is always down to personal choice and what is right for the individual user.

What device do you think is easier to use?

Source: Cnet.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy easier to use than iPhone according to survey”

  1. gjmoo7 says:

    This is totally ridiculous. There is absolutely no smart phone on this planet that is much easier to use than the iPhone. People who had taken this survey are in absolute denial. The iPhone is 100% user friendly and I will never ever use an android device. I have nothing against android phones. They are all very nice phones that operate extremely well, however I like simplicity which the iPhone delivers. I don’t need to transfer files like many people do. There are of course some things that can be done on an android phone that can’t be done on the iPhone. For the most part, everything can be done exactly the same on both phones. If you are a music lover like I am then the iPhone is the easiest phone to put music on. From a direct iTunes purchase or from a third party app on your PC music can sync so much easier to the iPhone. Everyone will have their own opinion about this but I had tried then all and the iPhone is the much easier devise to use hands down.

  2. A survey of 4000 wouldn’t be enough to be accurate. I’ve had the s3 and the iPhone and to be honest all my family have android because you can do so much more with android and it’s so much more open……and yet once my sister and I switched to iPhone we began to actually enjoy using our phones. And the rest of the family started switching too.

    The apps are better. Much much better. My children use the education apps and the ios ones are years ahead of android. My father was an android developer but realised that people on android won’t pay for good quality apps so they sideload them. So he and many others stopped developing for android.

    The conversion rates speak for themselves, the ratio of android users switching to iPhone is 4 to every one ios user switching to android.

    And as for music it couldn’t be simpler, I have 5 family members on one iTunes account who all share my music through iTunes Match. You just point iTunes in the direction of the folder your music is in which can be ripped or downloaded through any music source ie amazon and then hey presto the album is instantly available to stream on all ios devices attached to that account, as are all the apps you buy. It’s the easiest way to transfer music. Oh and you can choose to stream or download the album by the way to save storage space.

    If like a larger screen, I don’t need a removable battery or a removable card

  3. Tracker says:

    I remember when I first played with my father’s Iphone 4 I was like “why the heck are all the icons shaking, whats going on”. He didn’t know. Then later I wanted to put a movie on my niece’s Ipad and couldn’t figure it out. Found out later that’s it virtually impossible (yeah, maybe it can be done but you need 3rd party tools, yuck). I mean why can’t I use my phone to transfer files around if I wanted too? Of course this is less of an issue since Dropbox and Google Drive. Then if you want to share anything with a service other than Twitter and Facebook (Pinterest, Google+, ect) good luck with that.

    So my very few encounters with IOS products have left me flummoxed in a way that Android products never have.

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