Galaxy S4 release with water and dust proofing possible


One of the must have Android smartphones at the moment is the Sony Xperia Z and the device stands out from the crowd thanks to its tougher design that protects it from liquid and particle ingress, and now a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with water and dust proofing could be released following comments from a Samsung executive.

The version of the handset that we already know of is just about to land in consumer’s hands, but during a launch event being held in Dubai it was revealed that Samsung would be announcing another version of the Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks.

Samsung Gulf Electronics president, Young Soo Kim, was talking during a question and answer session and was asked why the company didn’t provide a smartphone with the sort of protective features as the Sony Xperia Z, which led him to mention such a handset was on the way.

There were no other details given about the dust and waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 but if the company is bringing out a ruggedized version of the handset, it may not go down to well with consumers that have already splashed the cash on the standard model.

You would have thought that any such device would come at a more premium price though, but Sony has stolen a march on its rivals to offer a handset with this sort of protection without the need of a case. It is not thought the device would offer any other features over the standard version though but there would be a lot of appeal for such a device.

Would you like a Galaxy S4 with dust and waterproofing?

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20 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 release with water and dust proofing possible”

  1. goatboy says:

    once again, Sony lead the way, and everyone else steal their ideas, yet the sheep phones are classed as being the “leaders” and “firsts” Get real, Sony kick butt, and always have. Xperia Z rules baby, or why else would everyone else be rushing to catch up? 😉

  2. graham says:

    A rugardised galaxy phone is a good marketing idea for Samsung

    but you must remember this is not a new idea. Motorola had waterproof

    and dust proof phones / hand portables 15/20 years ago mostly using a Greyhill switch

    and gaskets

    1. Thomas Casey says:

      I’ve got a Nokia that I found IN a river. I left it near a radiator for three days, charged the battery and it worked and still does 10 years later.

  3. Nyasha says:

    Dear Samsung
    It is pure desperation that leads a woman like myself to write to you via Facebook. I am an owner of your S3 mobile phone and I am not a happy trooper.
    Yesterday around 7pm my handset took it upon itself to start rebooting, being a patient person I gave it an hour to have its tantrum. I then tried some futile methods to try and solve this problem.
    • taking out the battery.
    • restarting
    • putting it on charge
    Clearly to no avail, so I thought I’d take out the battery over night and hopefully this would help. This morning I woke up to the same problem.
    Now I’m MAD.
    This is the third time this phone has pulled this ridiculous stunt and might I add the first two times your customer service was of no help. YouTube and Google users came to my rescue with helpful tricks that read like something from a Santeria’s spell book.
    Oh I did go to Google and YouTube today but no, not this time. Nothing has worked. So I am forced to write to you. When I got the phone on contract my network did not have insurance available on the phone, could it be that insurance companies were hesitant to commit to such a problematic phone?
    Yes granted all phones have issues but in today’s market when we say all phones what we mean is Apple, no point in naming other manufactures as you two are the leaders in this market, hence my comparison. So when these ‘other’ phones have issues one never panics as the worst case scenario would be to walk in their stores, speak to someone ( whose always helpful ) and have a diagnostic report and check and viola problem solved. Either your phone is replaced if its still in warranty or you pay a small price to get a replacement on the spot.
    Let me tell you I not only own your handset but I also have an iPhone 5 because I can’t trust other manufactures to offer such services, granted your handset offers a lot more features than the iPhone but it is their ease of use and efficient customer service that will keep people from straying to the ‘dark side’.
    I am in the dark, I don’t know what I can do or how I can go forward from here on. My contract with my network provider has expired and I am not about to commit two years of my life signing up to another contract.
    My misfortune, the S3 has to work, the SIM card is important, the content on the phone even more so. Besides all of that, basically I will miss a crap load of calls/messages.
    What are my options? Do I have any options?
    From a seriously dissatisfied customer,

    1. Richard says:

      That happened to me on my Samsung S3. The phone kept rebooting on its own accord. So I transferred all my photos and videos taken by the camera onto my computer. The rebooting stopped. Try that. =)

    2. Allison Archdeacon says:

      I’ve also got an S3, put it on to charge overnight and when I went to use it in the morning the blue light was flashing but I couldn’t get the phone to respond. I had to take the battery out to turn off n can’t get it to turn back on. Took into my network provider as have a 2 year warranty on it (only over a year old), they then told me my warranty is void as previously sent away about 6 months ago and came back with water damage. If I’d known the warranty would be void I would’ve took insurance out. Now left with no phone an got till end of next year for end of contract to get a new phone, don’t think I’ll be bothering with Samsung as I like the idea of Apple, any problems you can go into the store and its sorted out quickly. My 2 daughter’s also had S3 and they both “died” after a year and so we had to go buy them new phones, needless to say it certainly wasn’t Samsung.

      1. Thomas Casey says:

        I’ve got a S2 under warranty, it died and couldn’t be revived. They said it had ‘liquid ingress’ caused by leaving it in a vehicle overnight, body heat or breathing on it. If you speak into it, it could void the warranty. This is clearly not a device fit for purpose. I am thinking of suing Samsung.

  4. NitroFan says:

    @goatboy LMAO
    The trouble with you kiddy fan boys is your too all young to remember such Sony disasters as the P990 and the initial implementation of their stupid UI that brought their early attempts at Android to a grinding halt!
    Android saved Sonys arse because they are incapable of writing bug free software!

    1. Hideo says:

      to be fair, P990 was a Symbian OS – and to be fair because of Symbian big companies like Nokia have fallen. So it wasnt so much Sony’s fault, (although you could argue they should of not used Symbian in the first place. haha )

      1. NitroFan says:

        The point was that Sony have been responsible for some of the very WORST examples of handsets Sony were involved in the development of Symbian and they were responsible for the lack of quality control for their products, almost complete lack of testing of their software, lack of support for the appalling product SONY unleashed onto their hapless customers/victims I was one of them I owned an example of every one of the SE Smart phones with the exception of the X10! So I know what it is to suffer!

      2. smartmind says:

        “should of not used Symbian”

        “should HAVE not used Symbian” or to be more precise, “should not have used Symbian”.

        Having had a P990 with Symbian, it was fair for its time, however, it now sits gathering dust in the loft.

  5. Stephen Brewer says:

    I have the sony wish I had not due to the bad design of socket for charging broke after after weeks sony will not repair its a big problem that’s why they have brought out. Charging dock so you don’t have to plug in the charger

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