iPhone 6 price point not dependant on materials


There is always going to be a debate when it comes to smartphone materials, but we believe the iPhone 6 price point should not be dependant on materials. The difference between plastic and aluminium materials and the price of production should not make a difference.

Some would say that the plastic on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for example looks cheap and feels tacky in the hand, we do not agree with this. We love the look of the Samsung smartphone, we also love the HTC One with its aluminium casing and in fact this is a design we very much like.

The iPhone 5 is a lovely looking smartphone but we say go back to plastic, remember the good old iPhone 3G and 3GS in plastic? Of course you do, and this was a nice looking smartphone.

The iPhone 4/4S was made from premium materials such as glass and aluminium, and we do not believe for one second that Apple is stepping backwards if they started using plastic again.

Take a look at the iPhone 6 concept in the video provided below by Ran Avni, we like it, do you?

The question we think about the most is “If using plastic over aluminium or glass, does it make the device cheap and less of a device?” Plastic and aluminium are both very light indeed, both materials are recyclable and phones using plastic are being sold more than any other phone on the market. Look how popular the Galaxy Note 2 is, the Galaxy S4, S3 and so forth.


The reason we say the iPhone 6 price point is not dependant on materials is simple really, Apple fans (Including Myself dependent on design and features) will buy the iPhone no matter what materials are used, sales prove this. If Apple did decide to use plastic then they could spend more money being a little more innovative instead of the boring refreshes that they do with older phones. iPhone 3G to 3GS didn’t see much of a difference and nor did the iPhone 4 to 4S.

Yes smartphones are expensive, but consumers are not really that bothered because if they want a phone so badly they will get one. If we go back to the video below it still looks like the iPhone 5 but this iPhone 6 concept uses plastic and it has kind of changed the shape a little, making it more refined.

We keep hearing that Apple should make a cheaper iPhone, come on now it would not make a difference. If you want an iPhone you will buy one somehow, if you want and Android phone you will buy one. Material prices do not even come into the equation.

Personally the Apple iPhone 6 should be plastic, this would open doors for more colours, they should also make the iPhone 6 like the Samsung Galaxy S4 where the back can come off then this would make it highly customizable with case covers etc. If you drop the phone and the plastic breaks you could easily replace it.

How many iPhone returns do you think Apple get every year through breakages? Yes millions we are guessing.

Would you like the iPhone 6 in plastic, metal/aluminium or something else?


16 thoughts on “iPhone 6 price point not dependant on materials”

    1. Tommyt says:

      Most people buy a cover to protect their phone so only the screen shows. So does it really matter what material the back of the phone is made of ?. I would rather see more effort going into changing the look of the operating system. Ios looks dated and boring now and needs the ability to change home screens and widgets android style by the user. I am hoping for big changes to ios in their forthcoming phones.

  1. i miss my iPhone says:

    Plastic or metal does not really matter. They should concentrate on battery life. The iPhone’s greatest downfall. If the battery is anything like the Droid RAZR maxx hd. I would have continued to be a loyal iPhone user but the 5 failed me.

  2. Burntwaffle69 says:

    I like the metal and glass. I hope try don’t go to plastic. That’s why I meet liked the iPhone 3G. The materials does come into equation. And most idiotic people who are old or don’t know about technology buy the iPhone because it has nicer materials in the build.

    The next iPhone needs a larger screen. NFC. Touch sensitive home button, not a physical home button.

    Apple has a long way to go.

  3. Rob Jackson says:

    Is Liquid Metal ready for phone fabrication, or is that just not gonna happen?

    This concept video is nicely done, but it looks too much like an entry-level Nokia, IMO. The Nokias are nice phones, but I don’t think Apple would want to draw comparisons like that with their next flagship.

  4. It appeared to me that black iPhone 5 has painted metal chassis, so that means it can be painted in any color. Why plastic? The case/chassis material change may save Apple a few bucks at most and I don’t think Apple will do this.
    It will impact the profit margin if Apple release a cheap iPhone 5S even with the chassis or case made from dirt. For me, I won’t get another iPhone if the screen is not at least 4.5″. I have had iPhones from all generations and currently 2 iPhone 5.
    So Apple, release an iPhone 5S with 4.5″ screen (same size as the back metal piece on iPhone 5) and keep the phone size the same. That means edge-to-edge screen and no home button are required. Otherwise, a lot of iPhone owners will leave Apple for HTC One or Samsung GS4 (ugly imo).

    By the way, that Red iPhone is damned ugly.

  5. antiqueboy says:

    Why would you want to revert to plastic? One of my favorite things about the Iphone is that it’s made of real materials. Making more plastic things that break and scratch and dull and get thrown away – only to NEVER break down… this sounds like a GIANT step backwards and the fact that you are encouraging this is rather unflattering and discrediting.

  6. Andrew says:

    It’s rare that you find an article which is both poorly written to the point it is almost incoherent and makes a ridiculous point based on zero factual data. Well done sir you really have broken the internets.

  7. Mark Ferrell says:

    I wouldn’t care what material it was made from, “IF” an iPhone would come in the size of the Galaxy Note. I am an iPhone fanboy all the way but damn I love the size of the

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