Oklahoma Tornado help from AT&T waiving charges


You will all know about the devastating Oklahoma tornado that ripped through communities yesterday resulting in many people being killed. In the grand scheme of things this following news may seem a drop in the ocean but at least it’s a gesture of help from AT&T. The giant wireless carrier has just announced that it will waive charges for the people who are suffering in Oklahoma through June 30.

Thousands of people have been affected by the tornado and have lost loved ones or their homes. The storm system has been reported as being one mile wide and has torn apart the lives of thousands of people. State president for AT&T Oklahoma Bryan Gonterman said, “our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tornado that hit the Oklahoma City area Monday” and went on to add that extra resources are being brought in by the company who are working with local authorities on ways to help.

AT&T’s offer applies to voice, data and text overage charges and covers those in affected areas until the end of June. Understandably call volumes are extremely high at the moment and this is creating difficulties for people trying to find out the fate of family and friends. Therefore it’s advised that those trying to communicate with others in the region should try to use text messaging rather than call.

If you’re an AT&T customer and just want to do something to help then it’s easy to make a donation. If you text “REDCROSS” to 90999 you can give $10 to the work of the Red Cross and this amount will be added to your monthly bill.

At Phones Review we pass on our condolences to all of those affected by this terrible tragedy and the people of Oklahoma are in our thoughts.

Source: Apple Insider

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