New Nexus 7 with inadvertent reveal possibility


While not officially announcing much in the way of hardware except the special version of the Galaxy S4, the Google I/O event mainly focused on new developer tools and other software features, but it seems the company has been quietly teasing upcoming products as now it seems the new Nexus 7 may have inadvertently been revealed in another video.

We have already heard how the yet to be announced device was possibly spotted in a demo video for Google+ Hangouts, but it seems the new version of the device may have made another appearance during a presentation at the event.

The image that can be seen on this page appeared during a session on audio performance within Android, and the tablet that can be seen in the middle of the image appears to be a new version of the popular Nexus 7.

On the current model there is a shiny band surrounding the bezel and it appears to have now been removed with the actual bezel reducing slightly in size, and at the top and bottom of the device the edges look to now be slightly curved.

Now there is no guarantee that this is the new Nexus 7 but it won’t be much longer before the current device celebrates its first birthday, and as we all know most manufacturers bring out new versions of their hardware within a year. We have embedded the video of the session for you below and the image appears just after the 38 minute mark.

Do you think this is an image of the new Nexus 7?

Source: Phone Arena.


5 thoughts on “New Nexus 7 with inadvertent reveal possibility”

  1. PG King says:

    Unfortunately, no, I don’t think this is the new nexus 7. It appears to be identical to a small image of the current model, which can be found in three boxes titled ‘choose another nexus 7’ on the nexus 7 page on Google Play. Gutted!!

    1. Cédric Tremblay says:

      Dammit, stop breaking my hopes.

      I dropped my Nexus 7 that I had since release down the stairs two weeks ago and am stopping myself from buying a new one just because they might release an update in the coming weeks.

      1. PG King says:

        OK, now that is gutted, at least I still have my current nexus to console me until the new one is released, I feel for you man! If its any help, there are several rumours of a July release (poss. 10th) which seems quite realistic, as the current model was released last July. I know, without your 7 that is gonna seem a long time to wait, but think of the joy when the delivery man turns up with a brand new nexus tucked under his arm!! I know I am… 😉

        1. FourString says:

          haha yeah. I even saw that Google Play Books now takes epubs and user uploads! WHOA. missing out on so many of their recent upgrades. Jelly Bean withdrawal.. ugg ugg… *rocks back and forth*

      2. FourString says:

        Mine is cracked too. Less than 2 foot drop. Pretty bad shape (touchscreen inoperative) for such a short fall. Steering clear of the current Nexus 7 in the hope that the 2nd gen will be sturdier (will buy a gumdrop case for that though). The worst part is how addicting Android Jelly Bean is. It’s like frickin’ meth. Evil Google sigh >.<

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