Sony Xperia S, SL & Acro S JB 4.1.2 update issues explained


The Sony Xperia S, SL and Arco S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update went live last week and even though thousands have already installed this it seems there are still issues for some users. So now it is time for the Sony Xperia S, SL & Acro S JB 4.1.2 update problem explained.

On May 30th we reported that the JB 4.1.2 update rolled out for all three smartphones mentioned above, but after looking at the comments we have noticed many countries have not yet received their update.

We need to point out that we did mention the Sony Xperia S update could take up to four weeks to reach all end users, this now seems the case for the SL and Arco S, and seeing as this only went live last week you can understand why some have not got it yet.

We have had comments from Philippines, India, Egypt, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and many more are still having issues installing the new update. We have looked into this further and it seems a few in India have received the update, we are guessing it depends on what part of India you are in and this is why some users are still waiting.

Please be patient, it does take around 4 weeks to arrive in certain areas on the devices mentioned above.

Please let us know if you own the Sony Xperia S, SL or Arco S and what country you live in if you HAVE received the Android 4.1.2 update?


210 thoughts on “Sony Xperia S, SL & Acro S JB 4.1.2 update issues explained”

  1. moto says:

    four weeks? thats too bad for a company like Sony!!! no update in Nigeria! getting tired of the whole update issue, all the excitement has been killed!

  2. shivam naik says:

    Sony Xperia s – India , i got the update at same day but sound quality is not good. previous update’s was correct but this update has sound quality issues . can anyone tell Sony about this problem
    -thank you in advance

    1. Rajat Singh says:

      dear Shivam,

      its not the sound quality . u must disable some functions like clear phase and clear audio+ and dynamic normaliser,,, then u will have same sound quality as u had in 4.0 ICS

    1. xperia SL t26ii says:

      Maybe u r right or maybe we will receive that faulty update but its better to have issues free update otherwise we suffer…

      1. shivam naik says:

        and also i check sony site they were showing it has 6.2.A.0.200 but i have got 6.2.B.0.200 and i checked on sony campanion they show that 6.2.B.0.200 is latest update

  3. Ishaan Tiwari says:

    Xperia s India (Lucknow) still no news of jb update 🙁 sony should learn from htc and samsung on how to deliver updates…really sad….

  4. jay-r Nallos says:

    i dont know why some acro s user in the philippines got updated their phone but some other people could not update including me? why????

  5. Rajat Singh says:

    I got my xperia s update from India. there is not much issues regarding bugs for me. it depends on user how he is well accustomed to android. i m happy with my jelly bean update. its truly awesome specially the focusing of camera is improved which I craved for.

  6. Rajat Singh says:

    I want to clarify all xperia s users that there is no sound quality issues in xperia s update of jelly bean u just have to disable some functions like clear phase and clear audio+ and dynamic normaliser when u use xperia s speaker,,, then u will have same sound quality as u had in 4.0 ICS

  7. Jess says:

    I hate the new update because my battery dies 3 times a day! its ridiculous!! FIX IT PLEASE! It got rid of the battery saver from my phone and i installed some other battery saver and it just doesnt work as well. I have the xperia SL. ugh i so regret updating it.

  8. Jala Benson says:

    got jb update on last friday in chennai, battery drains 2 times a day, but stamina mode keeps it for 3 days . Finally satisfied but not upto the sony standard..

      1. Jala Benson says:

        wen the battery charge coms below 10% automatically xperia popups a window with the stmt “Stamina mode will keep ur mobile not to get switch off” means check the extended standby mode. dats it

        1. @55@551N's CR33D says:

          I don’t have my phone’s update listed on Update Centre. My phone’s firmware is upto the mark. I’m currently staying in Chennai I did not find any news in official Indian Sony site…could you please confirm your claim?

  9. suren says:

    im xperia s user ,i got jb update,..but have some issues,in my camera i take photos with flash in dark time the photos are purplish colour,,,in ics it had yellowish colour,its better than in jellubean..and other sad thing is when i listning to music while i using my phn (ex;browsing,texting,or doing anythig ect) within 2min the song stop,,and i couldn’t play it again ffor tha moment,,,,should got to player and find the song again and start it from the bigining ,and no battery stemina mode like xperia z,but xperia p has it,why sony didnt add this feature to xperia s,sony plz fix this issues,,if anyone had this problems pls comment ….

    1. xperia SL t26ii says:

      after update just do a factory reset once…hope so it will help some of your issues like the song stop after 2 mins…just prefer to do,,,its no harm in that,,,atleast u got the jb,,,,people like us are waiting here since 1 week,,,, 🙁

    2. saad says:

      Same here……..
      walkman pausing itself
      Ram issue still d same, even more what I thnk
      On iCS It used to freeze bt nw i
      System just closes d app even wn ur working on it!!!!

  10. saad says:

    Crashing d apps after 5 min or so even wn ur workin on it,,,,(browser,opera mob,games etc)
    Just cnt g

    Jst can’t handle heavy apps
    t’s irritating!!!!!

  11. cutemuimui says:

    I’m from Philippines. I had my Sony Xperia S Phone from UK, one of the first batches sold in UK. I still don’t receive any notification from Sony Update app of my phone as and on Sony PC Companion, it consistently says that my phone has the latest update. My colleague told me that she already received notification stating that the phone is ready for update. Why is it so?

  12. arash.ghn71 says:

    hi every body,recently I upgrade my smartphone xperia s to android 4.1.2( 6.2.B.0.200),It’s very good bud I have a big problem that ever I want to use my wireless on phone (I mean ever turning on) show me an error :
    “unfortunately …close the program?”
    I don’t know what should I do,I reset every thing but It’s nut working
    please help me..

  13. arash.ghn71 says:

    hi every body,recently I upgrade my smartphone xperia s to android 4.1.2( 6.2.B.0.200),It’s very good but I have a big problem that ever I want to use my wireless on phone (I mean ever turning on) show me an error :
    “unfortunately …close the program?”
    I don’t know what should I do,I reset every thing but It’s not working
    please help me

    1. gc says:

      I didn’t encounter that kind of problem. TBH the update makes my phone load fast , like connecting to the wireless, it quickly connects to our wireless connection…..

  14. t.n says:

    I’m from lebanon,and the update has not leaked yet ! … But I have been see many comments that show that the new xperia s update (JB) is not better than ICS,any information ? ! 🙂

  15. Warwick Greenup says:

    I’m in Australia, my Acro s received the update on Fri. 31st May, but my wife’s Xperia s still hasn’t received it 5th June. I find this strange.

  16. Warwick Greenup says:

    The update IS better than ICS, there were a couple of glitches in the first day, but after a few re-boots & charges all is smooth. The small apps are great, wi-fi is much better, text message notification doesn’t clear after you read a message, no doubt there will be a bug fix.

  17. Akky007 says:

    I live in Delhi,India the jellybean update for my Xperia SL has arrived but being a snapdragon s3 processor I am afraid updating my phone will redude its performance
    pls let me knw about the the stability of jellybean on SL

  18. Gc says:

    Here in Philippines I already update my phone to 4.1.2, 5 days a go, and I found out there some problems. The following problem is that the temperature of the phone quickly rises and second, when the phone is in lock mode screen and then you use the shortcut camera icon, it won’t load. Sorry for my bad English, I’m not really good in English, hope u understand…

  19. Yug says:

    when will the JB update reach in india?? i already saw some of them have recieved the JB update can you please tell from which part exactly you are?? i am from delhi and waiting for JB update since Mar. please help

    1. Akky007 says:

      I m from delhi India too I have received an update for my Xperia SL
      the thing is I m pressing volume down button and plugging in but then it says u have the latest version
      the update will only be shown on sony PC Companion

      1. Yug says:

        Dude, im running on 4.0.4 ICS , i want to upgrade but when i plug in my phone and start sony companion it shows u already have the latest software that sounds very annoying, but i guess as the above info tells i have to wait for a few more time to get the updates, if anyone have any relevant info pls share

  20. Sarathy says:

    Hii.. . I’m from chennai India. Waiting for jb update to my xperia s. Anyone received this update in chennai. .??? Pls let me know if any knows details about this. . .

  21. John says:

    My sister and I bought xperia sl a couple of months ago, her phone just received JB update via pc companion. Unexpectedly mine got nothing. What was that?
    – Philippines

  22. Mor Wolfovz says:

    have xperia acro s but unfortunately couldn’t update to the new version. it display info that my phone is up tp date…
    please help.

  23. Steven says:

    I have the jelly bean update a week ago in my xperia SL but now the battery drains too fast, with ICS the battery performance was better Sony needs to fix this if not is better to keep ICS
    Update from PC in Colombia

  24. Danny Rumiński says:

    I,m living in UK (manchester) and i got Xperia S end i still on ice cream sandwich and when i checking for new updates its says i have the newest version… Can you make it faster please

  25. Rathore says:

    I upgraded my xperia S just 2 hours back…it is simply awesome =)
    Many things I expected in phone sony has provided now…thanks to sony =)

  26. Thomas T A says:

    Hi, I’m from Saudi Arabia. With Sony Xperia S L26. I have not received the Jelly Bean Update yet. I use the STC network.
    Can any body please update me on the same.
    Thanks and Regards.

  27. XS says:

    Im in SAUDI ARABIA.. Still on ICS on my Xperia S.. tried SUS and PCC already. nothing!!! have anybody got JB update in Saudi Arabia? please tell me

  28. Mar says:

    Got the update on 9th, and living in China. I own an Xperia S. but it bugs too much. i don’t like it! It has its good and bad. it bugs sometimes, and slows down. one specific problem is when using wechat messenger, the screen gets a very slight flash when changing tabs…!

    but i thank sony for rolling out the update no matter what! at least i don’t have to wait anymore.

  29. Rozzer says:

    Go the update last week in the UK. There appear to be a few bugs; can’t back up phone on computer through Sony PC companion, battery drains much more quickly than before and some lag too. Hope we get an update to sort it out soon

  30. yug says:

    is everybody got all the themes im missing silver one, i mean its showing the silver but there’s no silver theme its displaying the colour of blue xperia , are you guys ok with themes of xperia S

  31. di13ana says:

    I’ve updated my Sony Xperia S to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean yesterday Jun 20 (Sofia, Bulgaria). The USB file transfer still not working when using Linux OS. Very disappointing.

  32. Dean Vukovic says:

    I’ve received the update in Australia , but after installing there is major issue with Jelly Bean on Xperia Acro S. Since I install it the phone is now drying bettery so quickly and when I had ICE Cream Sandwich I never had issue like this. This is very bad update by Sony in one hour even if you are not touching your phone and not doing anything the battery drops down to 70% and it keeps going down so fast. I even tried to do factory reset and even turned off phone for about 2 hours, but it’s still the same. Sony needs to fix this and get another update quickly. I suggest to all of you don’t update to Jelly Bean it only has issues nothing else wait for another update hopefully they fix it soon.

  33. yorel cairo says:

    oi I’m from The Netherlands.
    updated my S last weekend to new jellybean 4.1.2. my battery drains like crazy after the update! within 30min I went from 100% to 86 % which is not normal since before the update my battery life span was much longer. Usually after 30 min the battery went from 100% to 95%
    Had to charge my phone yesterday after 4 hours and I did not do a lot, just had FB app open Instragram and whatsapp.

  34. Rob Johnson says:

    I received the update in UK over the weekend and now the smart watch fails to register with the phone.

    Anyone else have this issue? I’ve updated the connect apps but still no good.

  35. Ashley says:

    I received the JB update for my Sony Xperia S in Austria. The effects are nice, but there are some functional issues:
    1) The camera does not start anymore from the lockscreen. If you have a sweeping lockscreen, you’ll know that in the previous version one could from the Cam sign sweep to left and the Camera would start, however, in this version it simply does not start when you do that, just comes back to the lockscreen after showing a sign indicating it’s loading but then only a very quick black screen before showing lockscreen again.. wish Sony will soon fix that, this function was really nice to start the cam directly..

    2) After unlocking, in the previous Android version you could press on the camera button on the right and it would take a photo and start the Cam… this is not possible after JB update anymore! I think also in lockscreen you could start the cam by pressing the Cam button.. Anyway, either function was one of the outstanding ones but now it’s gone; hope this will also be fixed..
    3) Another really nice function of Sony Xperia S was the “preview” of the text in the lockscreen when you receive a message and that you could sweep over the text to directly open the message.. now that’s not at all possible anymore..

    There may be further issues but I’ve been having this update now for a couple of days so that’s what I realized so far. Btw, I also have the Smart Headset which did not have any problems in connecting..

    About JB I have to say that it is a really nice user interface with all the effects but this shouldn’t have been on the cost of some functions which were rendering the Xperia S unique.

  36. Verna says:

    Fr PHI, just got the notification for update. Updating using PC companion takes too long, afterwards it failed. Right after that, my xperia SL cannot be opened, just the SONY logy on the screen. Would appreciate help, advise. Thank you

  37. Bhavesh Kankariya says:

    I m from India… Using Xperia S (LT26i)…
    While updating to jelly bean that is 6.2.B.0.200 it is showing an error that :-

    “The phone / tablet contains modified software that cannot be updated.”
    “Details : Sony Update Engine failure (error 2003).”
    While updating my cell switch off’s but it does not update to jelly bean.

    Currently my Build number is “6.1.A.2.55” (Ice Cream Sandwitch)

    Please Help me with this issue..

  38. Hardyboy79 says:

    I have the latest update 4.1.2 the issue I have found is that I cannot use the Twitter sip to upload photos, it keeps saying image won’t load. But I can upload images straight from my Xperia gallery but as yet using mobile data or Wi-Fi I have not been able to upload a single image. This has only happened since I did the update.
    Anyone got a fix for this?

  39. Wei Sin Chew says:

    I’m from Malaysia…I just updated My Xperia acro s to the latest version 4.1.2 yesterday and my volume and power key doesn’t work. My friend also have the same problem as my phone and I hope that this problem can solve as fast as Sony can..

  40. benson luis says:

    i want to update my xperia acro s but due to some comments that i have been reading,, i am having a doubt if shall i update it or not.

  41. Mohd Arzfar Bin Mohammad says:

    why does after i update my xperia acro s… there’s a glitch when start up n always jem / stuck.. please help me

        1. bala says:

          you will save your data with your system (photo,music,vedios)and application will download again
          condacts take a back up and send it mail

          1. bala says:

            Go to control pannel and remove sonycompanion,and connect with your mobile and its asking update sonycompanion then select

  42. kamransaeed15 says:

    i am from pakistan i upgraded my xperia s to jb update but i gott ossue with camera as its camera stop working whenever i launch camera it say error camera not available when i revert back to ics it works but when i upgrade to jb it always says camera not available plz solve this iisue

  43. sfyhalya says:

    I’ve update my Acro S last night and since then, there is no mobile networks. Seems like the phone can’t trace my SIM card after the update. The Sony centre told me to reset my phone and I did. Nothing happen. I need help.

  44. AJL76 says:

    Im in Australia, & updated 2 days ago.
    Now my messages wont work, has the error
    Unfortunately messaging has stopped
    Ive searched the internet high & low for fixes & tired a couple, but none have worked.
    Any suggestions….?

    1. JellyBeanSuks says:

      same issue here. really annoying. No one seems to be able to help. tried everything other than a factory reset. But from what i have read, a factory resets does not work either!

  45. Lucky says:

    I am in Pakistan. Can anybody tell me that how to increase the SMS limit of android systems. I have updated my xperia sl to jelly bean 4.1.2 few days back . Whenever i send excess messages it displays the error that ” Android system can only send 100 sms per hour”. What should i do now. Please guide me..

  46. sourabh says:

    i m using xperia sl since 3 months.I want 2 know when i can get jellybean update for my device .I m living in maharashtara,India.If anyone know plz tell ….

  47. Liam Carden says:

    Since the update I can no longer copy paste texts. Also whenever I click the tabs button on chrome my phone crashes and most importantly no sound works on my phone WHATSOEVER. Tried resetting, reading forums etc.. But nothing works. The only way I get sound is through a Bluetooth device

  48. Yoga says:

    i’m from Indonesia and i just upated my xperia sl to jelly bean 4.1.2 build number 12.0.A.2.245 but the wifi doesn’t works. it can’t connect to wi-fi network. please help me resolve this problems. thanks..

  49. kuldeep says:

    since the update to jelly bean from ics my phone xperia acro s could not detect my sim card . its only support offline networks like wifi… please help if some one got the same problem

    1. Sayyed Jawad Ali Shah says:

      i have the solution of this problem
      i m from pakistan living in islamabad
      studing compter engineering at comsats
      f any one wants to solve this issue send me ur phones

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