Moto X on Verizon image throws up Android 4.3 possibility


We’ve been bringing readers all of the news and leaks surrounding the upcoming Moto X, aka Motorola X Phone. It seems that virtually every day we’re hearing further snippets as the expected release draws closer. Today we have an image leak to show you that purports to be of the Moto X on Verizon, and rather intriguingly it throws up an Android 4.3 possibility.

Just in the last few days we’ve discussed a poll showing there seems to be more excitement about the Moto X than for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We also talked about Google’s massive promotional budget for the Moto X, in a bid to outdo the iPhone 5S. In that post we gave some rumored specs for the Moto X, including the expectation that it will launch running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. However, we also said that as leaked builds of Android 4.3 have recently surfaced, we could not rule this out as the operating system for the Moto X.

The image claims to be of Verizon’s LTE Moto X, but eagle-eyed observers may notice that the background behind the soft keys differs from the appearance of Android 4.2.2. Usually this shows on 4.2.2 as a solid black bar, but on this image the background seems semi-transparent. It’s plausible then that this Moto X could be running Android 4.3 and this is a new-look stock launcher, although it could just be that it’s using custom software.

There are still no confirmed specs available for the Moto X or a specific release date. However, it’s widely expected to launch very soon, possibly in August, and we’ll be bringing you more news as soon as we hear it. While we wait, it would be good to hear from readers interested in the Moto X. Would it be a big bonus to you if it were to launch running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean rather than 4.2.2? Let us have your comments on the upcoming Moto X smartphone.

Source: Android Central

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