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Some readers may have been waiting for the new-look Google Play Store that we first heard of in May at Google I/O. On an initial look we think there is plenty to be pleased about, and we’ll give you a few details about some of the changes. What we’d really like to know though is your views on the Google Play Store revamp, as we’ve also noticed a couple of issues.

The new design for the Google Play Store is now live and echoes the look of the existing Google Play 4.0+ Android app with a card-style layout. Google feels the revamp will make it easier for users to find new favorites and browse, but we often find that there is some resistance to change, at least in the early stages, so it would be interesting to gauge opinion.

One of the significant improvements with the new Google Play Store is that it will adjust itself to suit the screen size of a user’s device. Navigation is certainly clear enough, simply look to the top left corner to see various tabs for Apps, Music, Books, Devices and more, and below these you’ll find My Wishlist and options to redeem or purchase gift cards.

One click takes you to the required section so that for example, if you click on Apps, this then shows tabs including My Apps, Shop, Games and Editor’s Choice. If you hover over the white arrow that you’ll see below the tabs you’ll be able to quickly head to another category.

When you take a look at individual app pages you’ll immediately be able to see big changes in the layout, with nicely sized images. The app description stretches across the top of the page, followed by a reviews section, and then What’s New, all on the same page. At the bottom you’ll find additional information such as compatibility requirements.

Of course it will take time to have a really good look through all of the aspects of the new Google Play, but our first impressions were positive. However, from what we can see it doesn’t appear possible to uninstall apps from the web, that’s unless we’re missing something. Another thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to see which apps are installed on particular devices, and we could find other omissions yet.

This is why we’d really like to hear your views on the revamp of the Google Play Store. Do you generally like the new design and think it’s a refreshing change? Maybe as well as the omissions we’ve mentioned above, you’ve also noticed other issues that are frustrating you? Let us know with your comments.

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9 thoughts on “Your views on Google Play Store revamp”

  1. Friend says:

    It’s terrible. I could always look in my apps and quickly see which needed an update. Those that I had unloaded were in another view entirely before this update. Those that I still used, but didn’t need an update, were in still another view. Now, this massive hodge podge of everything I’ve ever experimented with is mixed in with the stuff that I use. It’s just a mashup of junk. Very frustrating.

  2. Eric Cartman says:

    Nobody needs to use the web version from
    Android, they already have Play Store. The web “My Apps” is completely
    unusable now. They need to fire the cretin responsible for dumbing down Android. Google+, Currents, Hangouts, now this.

  3. Erneu says:

    the ability to see which apps are installed on particular devices for me is fundamental and priceless , they need to review

  4. Tamara Brown says:

    This new rendition is totally ridiculous. All functionality is gone – replaced by pretty children’s building blocks… and LOTS of them. I am beyond frustrated… every app I ever tried is listed in one BIG list that doesn’t differentiate between what’s currently installed or on which device it’s installed on. In fact, I can only load the My Apps page in Chrome about half the time… it times out due to its enormous size. I am SHOCKED that anyone could possibly think that these “changes” would be welcome. My Apps is now useless.

  5. tony says:

    App listings no longer show permission requests unless the user chooses to install an app

    Really?! They made it harder to find out about the permissions an app is requesting? Really???!!!!! with all the security issues with android they made it harder???!!!

  6. Bianco Bianco says:

    Hate it!!!!
    I think it is big and clunky. Big chunks of junk.
    Takes much longer time to get around. Lot more scrolling to see stuff.
    I liked the conciseness of the old site.

    And like you mentioned, where is the ability to uninstall while in Play? Yes I know I can uninstall right from the phone. But, I like being able to see a page full of MY Apps at a time, and to have the “installed” apps on the top of the page and the “uninstalled” at the bottom. Now they are all jumbled together.

    And last but not least, the apps that I uninstalled months ago are listed as “installed”!
    Hate it!!!

  7. Peter says:

    Although the new changes to the appstore page layout allow
    the user to view more products on the same page, it leaves out one critical
    piece of information: the number of downloads for the applications. Ideally, a
    quick glance at the page should give the user some idea on the popularity of
    the applications on offer without necessarily having to open the application. This
    acts as a useful guide to the appropriateness of the application. I certainly do
    not wish to waste my time trying out applications that would not serve my

  8. Peter says:

    Give users the option to continue using the old version.It will take the new version a lot of improvements to match the intuitiveness and funtionality of the old version.

  9. TeacherMac says:

    Searching for a “Specific App” by “Name” within “Google Play” is totally worthless! Everything that contains any letter in your search appears not even sorted!

    Search for a “Specific App” by “Name” using Google on the internet immediate!

    Product reviews are also WORTHLESS! Seeing reviews for any product presented in nonsensical order, with reviews by month, day and year mixed like a garden salad and no way to see historical reviews or to sort by rating.

    Application Developers should feel like Google is insulting their product(s) by not promoting them as they should.

    I am posting this far and wide as I have spoken to Google over a year ago and these issues haven’t been addressed!

    This is review 3 of 4 Posted 08/23/13