Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 vs iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 3 speed tests


There’s always a lot of excitement in the mobile device world when upgraded operating systems are on the way. Both the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms currently have updates in development, Android 4.3 Jellly Bean and iOS 7 respectively. Today we want to look at some Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 vs. iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 3 speed tests.

We’ve been giving readers plenty of information on these two upcoming operating system upgrades so feel free to check out more on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and iOS 7 at the links. We don’t think it will be too much longer until Android 4.3 makes a public release, as it is already available for developer editions of some phones. iOS 7 on the other hand, is due in fall and the iPhone 5S is very likely to release running it.

We have two YouTube videos to show you that give an idea of speed performances of Android 4.3 and iOS 7 beta 3. The first is a 5-minute showing of the Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 and the iPhone 5 on iOS 7 beta 3 in an Internet speed test comparison. Before the Speedtest it’s expected that the speeds of both will be pretty similar but in the download and upload speed tests the Galaxy S4 on Android 4.3 comes out top. However, we should point out that iOS 7 is still in the beta stages, so you might want to take that into consideration.

The next video is an 11-minute look at the Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 against the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 3 in a browser speed comparison performance review. It looks at some of the latest additions to iOS 7 before going on to show the Google Chrome and Safari browsers in some detail. The video goes on to compare the performances with most things seeming to load slightly faster on the iPhone 5.

For the full demonstrations and conclusions you can see both of the videos below this story. Are you eagerly waiting for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or iOS 7? Let us know with your comments.


5 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 vs iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 3 speed tests”

  1. Mark Murphy says:

    Do the test on a cell network. Using Wifi doesn’t really prove anything other than your wifi speed. At least cell signals will give you more a real world test and also how the phones handle slower connections such as 3g or even LTE compared to wifi. Just a thought.

  2. Alik Malix says:

    Thanks for your videos, you really let us see a few iOS 7 details that most reviewers just skip through. BUT why did you review a third party app on Android (which is also available on iOS), but a native app on iOS? I must say I did try other browsers on My iPhone – Safari works for me (I know it’s objective). I would rather see Safari vs. Touchwiz Browser, or android chrome vs. iOS chrome. But it still satisfying to see a beta native software run smoother, more natural, and load faster then a finished third-party browser which we all know is better then what Samsung is forcing. Ever page you loaded – was faster on iPhone consistently. I’ve also noticed with chrome you consistently end up activation the undesired gestures as you try to swipe to the left of the page, but end up almost swiping away the page – would seem annoying. Also, Safari DOES have History. And you can share Safari open tabs/pages with your other devices and PC via iCloud. If you tested Chrome on iOS you’ll find the same features as well….. You mentioned at scrolling up and down was faster on chrome – that’s a bit objective – iOS was designed to feel natural in your hands. The scrolling is smoother – not slower. It eases in to the area you scrolled down to instead of dropping like a bag of bricks. This way it prepares your eyes for what you’re about to see, on Android you end up surprised that you scrolled too far too fast and if you do end up in the right area your forced to look for the spot you needed after the scroll as opposed to watching that spot as it scrolls – I hope that explains it. …. And one more thing – the 3D tabs design for viewing all you open pages is not borrowed from any platform as it is the same design that apple had with the first iTunes software (Desktop or iOS), open iTunes and rotate your phone horizontally in a play list (iOS 1.0 – 6.1.4) – you will see the same design, just sideways. One thing chrome got that I sometimes like – Desktop View on demand – some websites don’t have that option, (but a lot do).

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