BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10 in mega satisfaction results


The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 were the first smartphones launched running the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The former is an all-touch device, while the latter has a physical QWERTY keyboard. They have both been available for a few months now so we thought it would be interesting to share some Mega survey results with readers regarding device satisfaction.

The huge survey was conducted recently and involved 41 questions, so there’s a lot of detail to go into. We’ll look into some of the highlights from the survey, and first of all we want to look into overall customer satisfaction for BlackBerry 10. When asked how satisfied owners were with their BlackBerry 10 phones, 50.80% answered ‘very satisfied’ followed by 34.75% saying they were ‘satisfied.’ 11.57% said they were ‘somewhat satisfied’ and only 2.89% said they were ‘unsatisfied.’

Breaking those results down further, owners of the Z10 were slightly more satisfied than owners of the Q10. The survey also looked into BlackBerry Z10 vs. Q10 customer satisfaction split into various individual categories. For the hardware design for example, 66.16% were ‘very satisfied’ with the Z10, while a very impressive 73.90% were ‘very satisfied’ with the Q10.

There was a huge disparity in the results when asked about battery life of the two devices though. Only 9.78% of Z10 owners said they were ‘very satisfied,’ while a much higher 48.46% of Q10 owners classed themselves as ‘very satisfied.’ 17.89% said they were ‘not satisfied’ with the battery life of the Z10, compared to only 3.92% saying the same for the Q10.


Many aspects such as the camera, responsiveness (speed), web browser, OS, display quality and more elicited very similar results. Unsurprisingly, given its physical QWERTY keyboard, when asked about typing experience the Q10 produced a higher amount of owners who were ‘very satisfied,’ with 82.23% giving that response as opposed to 64.49% saying the same for the Z10.

One area where BB10 seems lacking though is with apps, as there was far less satisfaction here. When asked about app selection only 8.30% of Z10 answered that they were ‘very satisfied,’ although 35.00% said they were ‘satisfied.’ For the Q10 only 8.03% answered as being ‘very satisfied,’ with 26.15% being just ‘satisfied.’ The survey participants stating they were ‘not satisfied’ with app selection amounted to 20.84% for the Z10 and 30.60% for the Q10.

A similarly less impressive result involved the BlackBerry Link Desktop Software with only 8.03% of Z10 owners saying they were ‘very satisfied,’ and just 10.73% of Q10 owners saying the same. Those who answered ‘not satisfied’ totaled 30.58% for the Z10 and 27.51% for the Q10.

Ultimately the survey results reveal plenty of satisfaction for BB10 and the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 in some areas, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in other areas. We’d really like to hear from you if you have a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. Do the findings of this survey reflect your own experiences with either of these smartphones? Let us know with your comments.

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8 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10 in mega satisfaction results”

  1. supplychain says:

    This does correlate to what I feel. I have been using the Z10 for 3 months and it’s an excellent phone. Just looking forward to the updates that will address some issues mentioned above. Overall very satisfied.

  2. dunkinDohnutz says:

    Thank-you for this article. I am thinking of dumping iOS for another platform and this is helping me decide.

  3. Jay says:

    Got the Z10 a few months ago and I had all three platforms. Navigating with swipe is really fun and feels faster than my other phones. The Hub is amazing. All your messages are all in one place and it’s simple to get there. The Home button is outdated and unnecessary. The app selection is growing, growing faster than any other platforms so just got to wait a little, it’s a problem that is being solved.

    One thing people don’t seem mention is BB10 gives you the ability to connect to your home computer. I have my laptop on at home and whatever files I need I simply access it from my phone. Box is also integrated with 10 GB of free storage. My mini SD card gives me another extra 32 GB. My extra battery that I switch when in need is very useful. There’s more but yeah my Z10 is awesome. When I compared it to my other phones I compared the things that is useful not spec. If my phone feels faster and sleeker than yours, and using it feels easy once I got used to it (there’s not much, just swipe up or down, and sideways when it landscape mode. That’s it.) oh one last great thing texting on my Z10 is super fast.

  4. Forj says:

    Very satisfied with my Z10 also. 10.2 upgrade this fall with Miracast and wireless HDMI will be an added bonus.

  5. Frank Cout says:

    The Battery result could partly be explained by the fact many Carrier in the US just started pushing the latest OS update(3 months after the rest of the world..Verizon still shipping 1 OS ) And this update improve Batt performance by 50%

  6. Anthon Ondray Adrian Jackman says:

    I’m completely happy with my Z10 and im going to get my Q10 today and i know I’m going to be completely happy with that one as well, however the only thing lacking for me is apps and BlackBerry don’t make the apps so I’m just unhappy with the developers. They chose a side it seams and I the end user don’t get a choice. So I’m sticking to what I love and ill keep the rest of my money in my pocket because BlackBerry 10 is by far the best phone and operating systems I’ve used thus far and I’ve used them all.

  7. John says:

    I love my z10. I’m very satisified with it and have had no issues to date. It’s sleek and responsive to my needs. the predictive text is a little eerie getting to know my speech patterns and slang. 🙂 I’m probably driving it crazy.

  8. brendanhohoho says:

    Though it’s not quite enough to draw committed iPhone or Android owners, the BlackBerry Z10’s modern design and features give BlackBerry fans what they’ve hungered for.