Travel companies launching own-brand holiday SIM cards


As summer holiday sales continue to drop due to the UK’s summer sunshine, struggling UK travel companies are being forced to greatly improve holiday deals

TravelSim, the originators of the travel SIM card and now with 3.5 million customers worldwide, is urging UK travel companies to improve deals by launching their own brand holiday SIM card that will save holidaymakers hundreds of pounds on data roaming charges.

As the UK’s heat wave continues travel agents are beginning to feel the pinch, with sales on last-minute summer holidays dropping by more than 20% in the last few weeks. Instead of venturing abroad, sun chasing Brits are choosing to keep their cash and stay at home meaning travel companies have to work doubly hard to try and entice them on to the plane.

TravelSim is now giving UK travel companies the opportunity to launch their own brand holiday SIM cards in a white label scheme. By adding this service to their holiday packages, travel companies are in a win-win situation. On the one hand, customers are provided a convenient and low cost mobile roaming solution before arriving at their chosen destination. On the other, travel companies enhance their brand and generate new revenue streams.


Sounds too good to be true? By partnering with TravelSim, travel companies, airlines, car hire firms, hotel chains, insurance and travel publications could have their own label SIM by August — in a couple of weeks.

This white label distributor opportunity gives companies the chance to launch their own unique travel SIM card under its company name. Distributors simply earn revenue through commission sales of the SIM card and subsequent user airtime top-ups.

TravelSim is the world leader in international prepaid roaming. It is an easy to use prepaid call back service designed to greatly reduce the cost of using your mobile phone when travelling overseas. It is proven to save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad, and also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. It can be used in 190 countries around the globe. It also enables users to utilise their smartphone in the way intended without ridiculously high data roaming charges, so access to the internet, email, navigation is always available at cheap rates.

“This is a unique opportunity for UK travel companies to launch a travel SIM card to give their customers fantastic global rates on calls and data,” says Mikhail Markin, Head of Product Development Department, TravelSim.

“It’s a golden opportunity for agile businesses with large customer bases to create new and repeating revenue streams. Becoming a white label distributor enables companies to utilise the TravelSim product under the guise of their own brand. In other words, they use our expertise to enhance their travel packages.”

For more information about becoming a TravelSim distributor please visit TravelSim, they have just lowered its rates inside Europe to 0.39 EUR/Mb. It is also pleased to announce that Croatia is set to join the list of European countries with the discount rate of 0.19 EUR/min for outgoing calls inside EU.

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