Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Review of rumors and wishlist


For some time now we have heard several people say that Microsoft’s Surface was a failure because of lackluster sales. However, this is not entirely correct, because while sales of the RT have not been what Microsoft would have hoped, the Pro seems to be more of a success. Okay, so we know that sales were a little slow to start for the Surface Pro, but this was always going to be the case when you consider that the device was only available in two countries.

Improved Surface Pro sales — Thankfully, the Surface Pro is now more widely available and those who have purchased one seem to be happy, for the most part. There are no longer stock issues, and so Microsoft is able to fulfill orders, but things were not looking that great for the Surface RT. We believe the biggest reason for poor RT sales was a wrong price point, but now Microsoft has been trying to rectify this with a series of Surface RT price drops, and the latest is making the device far more desirable, although a small update with a faster processor is expected soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 rumors and wishlist — When we review some of the most recent Surface Pro 2 rumors, along with what current owners would like to see improved with the sequel a pattern seems to emerge. The pattern that we are talking about concerns increased performance, along with a better battery life, which you would have already guessed by now.

The processor in the current Surface dictates what can be run, as anything too demanding would have an adverse effect on battery life. However, this would be less of a concern if Microsoft was to give the Surface Pro 2 a Haswell processor, which is the latest from the Intel family. There have also been suggestions of NFC coming to the Surface Pro Plus, yes this is yet another name for the second-gen device. We’re not too sure why anyone would want to use NFC on such a device, but we’d love to know your thoughts?

Surface Pro 2 accessories — The third-party accessories for the current-gen Surface Pro is laughable, and this is because Microsoft has yet to license their magnetic power tip so that third-party manufacturers can come up with some of their own products. Something else that could be cool would be wireless charging for the Surface Pro next-gen device, much like we have seen with several other products on the market.

We’d love to see more colors become available for the Surface Pro 2 Type Cover, as the current model is limited in color choices. Finally, would you welcome a larger Surface, such as a 13-inch model, or do you think this will confuse the range?


22 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Review of rumors and wishlist”

    1. zerilos says:

      Making the Pro so large would completely invalidate the advantage of it being a tablet. You can always plug it in to a monitor while at home or at the office.

      1. house says:

        I sorta feel that a larger surface would be nice, tho. I really enjoy the touch/writing aspect. you can’t get that from plugging it into a monitor

  1. NP says:

    So at the end of the article it states “Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and via our apps: Android and iPad.”

    Do you have enough faith in it to port your app to Surface?

      1. JB_Gator says:

        You make a valid point that you don’t ‘have to’ make an app, but what you’re overlooking is that a large number of apps on the iPad/Android don’t ‘have to’ exist, since those platforms also have web browsers. Until devs start porting/making apps for Windows8 and by default, users will be hesitant to adopt W8 tablets because at that point, why shouldn’t I just get a (cheaper) laptop? Or an Android/iPad which already have app support.

        A good deal of a tablet’s benefit is having applications tailored to a touch-based user experience. If an iPad had no apps [for anything that can be duplicated in a browser], would it still be very useful as a tablet?

  2. GeoStreber says:

    I will buy a Surface Pro 2 if it runs with a haswell and 8 GB RAM. The size of the case is okay. I’d rather buy a thicker device with more battery life than a piece of paper that has to be plugged in every 2 hours. 128GB of Storage are enough but a possibility to change the SSD and/or the battery would improve the “fixability” that was horrible with the Surface Pro 1. NFC is not necsessary, WLAN ac would be great. In my opinion the Surface Pro 2 needs a storage space for the stylus.

  3. John says:

    I would buy the Surface Pro 2 if it was a laptop, had a 13.3″ screen, haswell with HD5000, an option for a core i7, a 256 or even 512GB storage option, and an option for 8GB of memory.

    1. MrPicker says:

      Why dont you just get a Sony Viao Pro then… serious its lighter and last longer… the Surface’s market is great, very portable and usable.
      I had a 12.1inch Asus ep121, you think it would be better for sketching but its too big… if you want to sketch 10inch size is great…. they could keep the form factor but thin the bezel a little making for more sketchable surface area…. but if you want 13inch get the sony, very nice machine

  4. JB_Gator says:

    I’m just waiting for the new version to come out, now that MS has had a chance to make performance improvements and fix issues that the current crop of Surface users have found.

  5. Bill Cat says:

    Surface Pro is a great machine and the direction Microsoft should go (get rid of the RT and focus on this instead please. Improvements wish list – Magnetic power plug disconnects way. way too often and would prefer to use that for pen and a traditional plug for power. Tell people about the extra usb in the power cord next time, it’s a nice surprise. Also it should use the front facing camera by default in video chat, now when I’m in a video chat it works fine except it shows the desk in front of me instead of me. New chipsets will improve the obvious which is weight and battery. Still this beats the heck out my iPad, Chromebook and the weight of my laptop. I can do real work on it, and I’m grateful.

  6. Dave Wolland says:

    Yep, a 13inch or larger inch Surface Pro 2 would be better with better battery and processor. Plus digital pen improvements for graphic artists and schools etc.

  7. jrad3414 says:

    More RAM, more disk space, and Haswell.

    Until that happens, the Surface (the pro variety) is one of those products that comes close to a killer device…but just isn’t quite there.

    As far as Surface RT goes… they should have just named those tablets something completely different from ‘Surface’. The average consumer is very confused as to the different between a Pro and an RT.

  8. munchy22 says:

    Microsoft have yet to release a tablet and only a tablet. The surface pro as nice as it is simply to big to be a tablet. That’s something everyone seems to forget even though Microsoft have said as much. Microsoft release a tablet plse (with a stand and only metro.

  9. Mrpicker says:

    I am happy with my SPro tablet, and it is a tablet when I want it to be, but yes it shines as a laptop as well. I think what they have done with the SPro 2 seems like the perfect fixes needed (dock, adjustable stand so it lays flatter, longer battery life), and now want to upgrade… but dont need to so I will wait for Spro3 and be happy with my Spro1 for now. Ergonomics of two will really be what I wanted, everything else is great so far.

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