Falcon Pro 2.0.5 update with new features


If you are interested in the Android Twitter client Falcon Pro you will probably already know that it was recently removed from the Google Play Store by developer Joaquim Vergès. He did so because a ceiling of 100,000 user tokens had been reached, so Twitter closed the app to new users. However, we’ve now heard of a Falcon Pro 2.0.5 update with new features.

Vergès decided to make Falcon Pro a free download with a domain of its own and he also came up with a way round the token limit. Now the app has been updated and anyone can download it, whether they previously purchased it or are new to it.

Along with additional features it also includes some fixes, and one of the improvements is offline access to favorites. The update also means the tweets that users favorite will now be automatically preloaded for offline reading, and you can choose from ViewText or Instapaper for the mobilizer service. You’ll find this option under User Experience settings.

Google Play previews have been removed as well as a patcher check, while a fix has been included for scrollable custom login for small devices. You can see the full changelog for Falcon Pro 2.0.5 at Joaquim Vergès (Google+) and you can download it from getfalcon.pro here.

Are you a user of Falcon Pro? We’d like to know what you think of the new v2.0.5 update so do let us know by sending us your comments.

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