Secret Pictures for BBM is like SnapChat for Android, iOS


If you are looking for a SnapChat alternative that is only available on Android and iOS, look no further than Secret Pictures for BBM. When SnapChat was released BlackBerry owners were rather annoyed they did not get a piece of the pie, this is where developers ShaoSoft come to the rescue.

Secret Pictures for BBM is very similar to SnapChat for Android and iOS users, other than security being a lot better on the BlackBerry version.

The app allows users to choose a picture and they can set how long the picture can be viewed for then select the person to send it to – the app does the rest! Once they start to view the picture a timer starts counting down once the time is up the picture is permanently deleted from their device.

The 767 KB Secret Pictures for BBM app was released today and allows users to send pictures, which are all encrypted. This means that no one can view them unless they have Secret Pictures, for further security screen shots are also disabled.

Some of the main features within this app includes the sending of pictures securely that will not be saved, the pictures will self-destruct if they are sent to others that it was not intended for, users can add captions to the photos. There is also the pinch and zoom when viewing plus app owners can take a picture direct using their devices camera within the app.

When you install the Secret Pictures for BBM (Costs £1.50) you will be happy to know that no data will be sent through the developer’s servers, good to know you have security.

Will you be using the Secret Pictures for BBM on your BlackBerry?