Verizon HTC One release clash with iPhone 5S feared


Verizon customers have been growing increasingly angry about the HTC One release delay, and you can understand why. If the handset was not available on other US carriers, then this would not be as big of a problem, but seeing as though other US carriers have been enjoying the HTC One for a few months, they have every reason to be angry.

We already know there will be a Verizon HTC One, and will be their own version, so expect Verizon’s logo on the handset, along with some unnecessary bloatware as well. This is not such a huge deal for some Verizon customers, because all they want to do is get their hands on what many believe is the best smartphone on the market.

There is still no official release date for the HTC One on Verizon, but there have been rumors of 1 August, although this would clash with the unveiling of the Moto X phone — maybe it could be this Thursday as a way to take a bit of the shine of the event?

Verizon HTC One release clash with iPhone 5S feared 2

What we do fear is the longer Verizon leaves it, the closer we get to September, and that could mean a HTC One release clash with the iPhone 5S, as this model is expected to be released towards the end of September.

Okay, so we know these handsets cater for different customers, as one is Android and the other iOS, but we all know how often consumers jump ship if they see something truly amazing, and who knows, the next iPhone could tick all the right boxes?

Personally, we believe the Verizon version of the HTC One needs to be released in the next couple of weeks, because after then it could be too late. We say this because consumers will already have a far greater choice, such as the range of new Droid handsets, the Moto X phone, as well as the new iPhone and not forgetting the Galaxy Note 3.

How long are you prepared to wait for the Verizon HTC One before you give up and look for something newer?


20 thoughts on “Verizon HTC One release clash with iPhone 5S feared”

  1. Iphoneadopteer says:

    A Verizon rep announced the new date. It makes. Sense because Verizon will open preorders 3 weeks in advance. Look at the droid phones now available for preorder. Those are being shipped the 20 of august. But still no HTC one. Unless Verizon just quietly releases it.

  2. Jimmy says:

    If they don’t release the HTC one in august I am going to jump to an Iphone but I won’t be getting the 5s I will just wait for the 5s to be released and buy a 5 for 99..Tired of messing with these stupid games from cell phone companies acting like these phones releases are as serious as classifying National Security Information,,More people need to start waiting these companies out instead of just buying whatever crap they throw at us at the time of our upgrades..We change our buying habits they will change their selling habits..

    1. Jimmy says:

      Because At & t would be more expensive then what I have now through Verizon and none of these companies are really any better than the other as far as the way they treat customers..Might as well just stick with the one you’re with and stop buying these new phones as soon as they are released..I’ll just keep waiting them out until the older versions drop down in price..It won’t be such a pain to do that with an Iphone..

    2. Samuel says:

      Except cheaper carrier does NOT always mean better. Yes,Verizon does have higher priced plans,but you know what? Other than some minor issues with the past 3 phones that I have had,I have been happy with my service,and my HTC Rezound is tiding me over until the ONE does come to Verizon. Too many of you waiting for it just get way too impatient like its the end of the world or something,makes me wonder what other things some of you complain at . It will release when it will release,deal with it.

  3. VZNSucksIt says:

    Big Red has 2 days (well, 1.5 actually) to release the One. If they don’t release it Aug 1, I’m done and heading to AT&T that day.

    1. Jimmy says:

      They don’t care..lol..Because others who are pissed at at&t will be switching to Verizon..They both come out ahead every time someone switches and has to take a plan that cost more…

    1. Andrew Aultman says:

      When I try to click on it on the Verizon website nothing happens. There’s no page for it for me. Anyone else get this, or just a glitch?

  4. Andrew Aultman says:

    I’d just like to offer constructive criticism for future posts

    Sentences, or a combination of sentences like

    “That is not such a huge deal to those wanting the HTC One on Big Red, all they want to do is get their hands on the smartphone, as this is one of the best on the market.”

    often come across as confusing and cumbersome to read.

  5. James K says:

    I am a Verizon or soon ex Verizon customer, I will also be leaving big red over the HTC one Aug 2. When every carrier has it out months ago and your still silent? ever heard about the last guy to the party? yea, he usually goes home alone. But for me It’s more about the constant delay and “leaked” misinformation of a highly rated phone. Constantly putting it off in order to prep other phones for market looks like an act of desperation.. Big Red listen to your customers or……… lose them. pretty simple business.

  6. killer_SB says:


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