iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 2 evolution misunderstood


It is not possible to deliver a full iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 2 review at this time thanks to Apple’s 2nd generation tablet not being revealed, although you can pretty much count on it seeing a launch at some point towards the end of 2013. We have seen the full 2nd generation Nexus 7 specs, so it is possible to add these facts to continued rumor about certain iPad mini 2 features that paint a clear picture for the upgrades expected.

In this article though, we wanted to touch on something a few technology blogs and social media commenters are misunderstanding about the Nexus 7 upgrade and expected iPad mini 2 changes.

The Nexus 7 2 has taken an evolutionary step forward in terms of specs and was never going to take a radical design change. If you loved or hated the thinner display that looks more like a letterbox in landscape mode on the first generation, then the same feelings will be there for Nexus 7 2.

Those that love this design claim, “Nexus 7 feels more comfortable in your hand”. Others that prefer the Apple iPad state, “big is best, I hate the thick bezel on Nexus 7 2 and expect iPad mini 2 to follow a similar design that’s wider with a thin bezel”.

You can see how very different the original iPad mini is vs. Nexus 7 2 in the image below this article. This clearly shows that both tablets are aiming for very different people, so the thinner display and thicker bezel paired with Android OS might not be for those that love the wider iPad mini 2 display with iOS 7 expected this year.

iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 2 evolution misunderstood — the number of people complaining about the Nexus 7 2 design and even technology blogs repeating the same statements surprised us. Firstly, the Nexus 7 2 has jumped in specs and followed what users loved about it in the first generation. To expect a radical design change would not understand the evolution normally seen between models, and especially between the first and second-generation tablets.

People that are unhappy with some of the iPad mini 2 leaks also misunderstand what Apple is known for, plus what they should do with the iPad mini 2 design. The 2nd-gen iPad mini will include pretty much the same design, although it will include a bump in specs, maybe some exclusive new features and even a thinner bezel.

You will not see a radical change to the iPad mini 2 back, front or in fact any of the design. The first iPad mini got it right in so many ways, but if there were one feature users would want then this would be a Retina display on an iPad mini 2 with at least the same battery life. The problem Apple is working on will be including a Retina without dropping battery life, and this is why that feature missed inclusion in the first generation.

For a tablet screen width, what do you prefer between iPad mini and Nexus 7 2? Personally, we are happy to see the iPad mini 2 keep pretty much the same design but would love a Retina and some other bumps in specs to be included with battery life at least the same.


5 thoughts on “iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 2 evolution misunderstood”

  1. jasman1reece says:

    Two other Android tablets with some great features to launch this week includes the new Pipo M7 Pro ($255) that for about the same price as the new Nexus 7, features a much larger 8.9-inch display with 1900×1200 screen resolution, a Quad core processor, along with built in GPS navigation– and is packed with features that compare to the new Nexus while also offering a MicroSD memory card storage slot – the Pipo M7 includes Google Play Store preinstalled and also works with both the new Chromecast as well as the more advanced Miracast HD Wireless HDTV adapter (like Apple AirPlay); and also features premium speakers, WiFi with both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequencies for greater connection, and a premium Windows style User Interface that makes the Android experience much more intuitive and easier to use. Also to launch this month is the Novo 8 Discovery for $159, made by Ainol Electronics, which won runner up for Best-Tablet-of-the-year at CES 2012 and compares in size to the 8-inch mini iPad and offers Quad core performance and Bluetooth connection…with 65% more screen compared to a traditional 7-inch model, which truly makes a difference in user experience.

    One of the first sites to offer these new models is T ablet Sprint

  2. Alfredo says:

    The Nexus is far better for holding in one hand in landscape mode.

    The iPad ‘Mini’ is too wide to hold comfortably.

  3. ilikepear says:

    3 Things Needed

    1. Retina Display
    2. Sim card voice/sms/mms
    3. 128gb version

    Specs not really important, A5 chip already smooth like butter, as with all iOS products. (those who thinks quad core is needed for 1080p screen need to look at ipad 3.. the dual core)

    Size is also perfect already, and with thumb rejection, it feels good in portrait. I never misclick for ipad mini and holding it. (For those that say otherwise need to test it out seriously!)

  4. marcus says:

    My guess is that the new IPad mini won’t be much of a change. Same lo-res screen and still a bit too wide to hold in one hand. But people will buy because they like to have the latest shiny Apple gadget.