Android beating iPhone market share is outrageous


There is no doubting the Android platform is doing very well indeed for the market share, and with the latest news reporting the iPhone is losing its market share to Android in Q2 is outrageous.

Research firm IDC reported that Apple’s share of the global market fell from 16.6 percent to 13.2 in the same two quarters last year and this year, and some have even said that with Android’s share jumping from 69.1 percent to 79.3 poses a threat to the likes of Apple and BlackBerry.

Google gives away Android to handset makers for free and solely earns revenue via advertising, but we think this is crazy to say Android is taking over the mobile sector and beating Apple.

Look at the statistics here, when looking at the smartphone market Apple only has the iPhone running iOS (we know there is the iPad and iPod, but we are discussing iPhone only here), Android is on many handsets including LG, Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, Sony, do we need go on.

There are way more Android handsets than any other in the world, how can you compare an iPhone to Android? Comparing the iPhone to Samsung yes. It is obvious that Android will have more of the market share if they have an operating system on more than just one phone.

Apple only releases one phone a year and Android is on multiple phones, of course Apple’s iPhone figures will drop when consumers are waiting nearly a whole year for a new smartphone. We believe that the market share for the iPhone will rise again when Apple releases its new smartphone/s come September 2013. It is great news that Android is doing so well and it keeps the competition alive, but of iOS was out-sourced like Android is we know that Apple would dominate – Guess now we get the comments coming in debating this one.


14 thoughts on “Android beating iPhone market share is outrageous”

  1. symbolset says:

    Be on the lookout for gloom and doom stories about how Android’s market share growth “stalled” at 85%, so the end is nigh.

  2. Villiam says:

    Oh, there is no more ipads or ipods anymore :O Nice to know that its only the iphone that uses ios. Good job 😉

    1. ReGeNeSyS says:

      Well, we are talking phones. While the iPad uses iOs, there are also a lot of android tablets. The result would be roughly the same. IPods would raise Apple’s percentage a bit, but still not enaugh. Still, 13+% with just 1 device is very respectable. I hate iOs due to the limitations imposed by Apple, but I can see the utility of it for people that like it simple, fast and working, without tweaking stuff and without the bling bling. The only thing I miss from iOs is the updates.

      Unfortunately, Apple is playing catch up. Maybe iOs 7 or 8 will lower the gap and reduce limitations.

      This is just my personal opinion, from my experience and point of view.


  3. Mikhail Dy says:

    Doesn’t matter to google anyway. What google cares about is getting smartphones to all users especially those with no budget for an iphone or despise the ios. They’re making cash by making everyone connected to the net and using Google services. While apple and android oems battle it out, google takes all the cash even from iPhone users.

  4. Gibby Garcia says:

    what does it matter whose market share loses ground? consumers don’t care…

  5. applebite says:

    Another fan boy article give android a try you won’t be disappointed i wasnt

  6. Richard Freestone says:

    Android is increasingly becoming more popular, Apple has had it’s day. I own a Droid simply because I like to do what I want when I want to my phone, but most users are just bored with iOS and not being able to change their home screens, or have the features that Android has. So the Consumer is picking Android over Apple.

    1. Steve Swannell says:

      I am A user and I am not board. Pleas do not speak for me… Unless you know what you are talking about 🙂

      1. Richard Freestone says:

        Here’s a tip, learn to spell. Then your comment may have some credibility.

        1. Steve Swannell says:

          Thank you for your constructive and helpful comment. So belittling people from afar makes you the big man? If i could spell i would call you a mudder bucking plank nosed krunt. but I am over it.

          1. Steve Swannell says:

            As insults go, its better than attacking someones spelling. I thought it was obvious from my first post.

  7. jason baker says:

    I say use what you like personally I am happy Android came out so poor people can have a smart phone they deserve to have tech also. I do tend to find apple fans to be snobbish there is no reason to be just be happy that people that don not have alot of money can get on the wed now to some people there Android is there home computer shame on people who bash them.