Verizon HTC One release update shows stupidity


It’s been 5 months since the release of the HTC One, although not for Verizon customers. There have been so many dates thrown around for its release that people are now growing tired of the wait, and as we know has seen consumers leaving Big Red in favor of AT&T just to get their hands on the HTC One.

The latest Verizon HTC One release update shows stupidity because as we think we are getting closer to its release, something else comes update. We cannot understand why there is yet another HTC One Verizon release delay, although when we reported this news the other day it did show it could clash with the release of the new range of Motorola DROID handsets.

We have to say things are getting ridiculous now because they could have avoided this by releasing the HTC One a month or so ago. What confuses us the most is why Verizon is being so secretive and if they are unable to release a product at a time when it is still hot, then they need to wake up and start listening to their customers.

Some people will say leaving your carrier because of one phone is a bit extreme, but is it? Why can’t the biggest carriers have the biggest phone, or one of the biggest and best phones out there?

Verizon is putting Motorola ahead of HTC, although this is nothing new considering Verizon has always backed DROID devices heavily in the past, we would love to know just how much this deal is worth to them — it must be big in order to put off a phone like the HTC One?


13 thoughts on “Verizon HTC One release update shows stupidity”

  1. Mojoey says:

    Thanks for your article and for stating what many Big Red loyalists have been thinking. Ri-friggin-diculous how they have decided to further frustrate those who have been waiting unnecessarily. FIVE MONTHS?? Are you serious Verizon??? Take me for example. My 2 yr contract expired in May but I had already had my heart set on the One because I figured it was obviously coming to Verizon soon. So I waited…..and waited….and waited some more. Rumored release date after rumored release date came and went. J. Lo is gorgeous and no doubt Viva is a milestone for the Latino community but really? That’s *all* you had to announce on May 22nd?? I’ve read countless articles, viewed numerous hands-on and unboxing videoes yet I’m still somehow managing to deal with my slow-as-molasses, mind-of-its-own Samsung Droid Charge that I upgraded to over 2 years ago. Today, I actually decided to order a new battery for it literally just to hold me over until the supposed VZW HTC One release date (at least until they push it again) of August 29th. Why haven’t I defected to another carrier that does carry the One by now? Well, honestly, Verizon’s been my carrier pretty much ever since it’s existed and, overall, it’s been good to me. Bump the One release date one more time though and I just might say “Bye bye Big Red”. Why don’t they surprise everyone and release it suddenly next week? A person can dream….

    1. Samuel says:

      Do you seriously believe every rumor that floats around? And do you really whine that much when you dont get what you want,when YOU want it? There is a big difference between a rumor,and an actual confirmed release date when it comes to not just the One but with any phone out there. I dont blame Verizon for wanting a quiet release of this phone. Back in April I believe it was,there were some sites out there that were reporting Verizon would have the One within 3-4 months after it was released to other carriers. And,well,so far,its been close to 4 months. Verizon has not PROMISED any release date for this phone,so why is that so hard for you and all these other idiotic posters on this topic to understand? Oh wait,because you are obviously gullible and believe every rumor that you hear about everything,I personally do not,I could care less one way or the other. It is a phone!! A phone for heck sakes! Do you just waste your life away complaining about a phone,and what other stupid stuff do you complain about? Verizon has said it is coming later this summer and so far I havent seen anything contrary to that. Yes August 1st was a rumor,yes August 15th was a rumor,and yet August 29th is another rumor,in other words,just mere speculation as to when the One will arrive on the Verizon network.

      So,if you want to go to T Mobile,or to A T and T,suit yourself. But as for me? When I get this same One, I will be enjoying faster 4G speeds than you will. Paying for a cheaper plan even if it is unlimited does NOT always mean better. Id rather pay a few bucks more and have piece of mind than to pay less and get unpredictable results from companies like T Mobile,as I can speak from experience being on their network(constant dropped calls,got a replacement phone,still did the same damn thing!),certainly something I dont appreciate are dropped calls on a regular basis. And so far with my current Rezound(which meets and beats a lot of newer phones I might add,and Beats Audio)has been doing just fine,no problems and for a phone almost 2 years old has survived being dropped numerous times,unlike most other phones,you drop them once or twice and they dont work anymore,then you have to get a replacement. The One is still the same very good phone that I have read about,and I can wait another week or two until it comes out. So Mo,I have just one more thing to add. Quit your bellyaching and stop complaining. Im just saying,take those comments as you may. Verizon has 4G in more cities and areas than does Sprint,T Mobile,and A T and T,that is a fact. What a whiner you are,boo hoo hoo. At least i can sleep at night and not constantly worry about rumored phone releases

      1. pystr says:

        Enough already with the “smarter than thou” attitude. A person has a right to vent. Verizon has NOT done right by its customers with this slight of HTC One would-be-purchasers. You know, I know it, we all know it. Motorola phones have been given all the attention and appropriate pre-announcements and trade show presentations. It is all about $$$$$.

      2. Jardin says:

        You’re bitching more than the OP…I think you are the “whiner”. I’m sure you sleep well at night not worrying about phone releases, but dollar to donuts you are tossing and turning at your chance to be an internet tough guy.

      3. Guess (like the brand) says:

        Who let the Verizon-planted commenter in?

        It’s clear that you can’t be a real customer confounded by the lack of new phones and general misdirection surrounding a phone that was released 4 months ago on other carriers.

        Are you possibly the “can you hear me now” guy? Roy Chestnutt is that you? Or maybe it’s the SVP of Process Transformation and Operational Excellence, Nancy B Clark?

    2. rock says:

      woah hahaha chill brah… it’s called ‘first world problems’ – i mean seriously? all the complaining over a cell phone. it’s a cell phone. a cell phone! lmao spoiled spoiled spoiled- you sound like my 5yr old.

      in related news – man i’m glad i had the money to buy food today, and ride in that car that has gas in it, and go to that great job i get paid at, and live in a country where i’m not worried about stepping on a landmine…

      -someone who used to get shot at as a job requirement, saw the world, and appreciates what they have. pce, <3, and 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon don’t take the HTC One at all, but instead are one of the first to take the HTC One Max (Phablet) – which could be announced before the month is out.

  3. As a Canadian about to move back to the States and in search of a new carrier, my understanding has been the fact that Verizon, although huge in the States, by not using GSM like most of the rest of the world, needs customized versions of their handsets. I love my HTC One Developer’s Edition that I got on release date, but am sorry to have to part with it as I am moving to an area where AT&T coverage is spotty and have to go with Verizon for whom my GSM HTC One will not work. Once all carriers are using the same technology, such that 4G LTE (or its replacement) are the same on all networks, then there will be a full set of handset choices for everyone and we won’t have to depend on carrier specific models for Verizon (and any phone we want for AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc) in North America.

  4. MaxShadow says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for the HTC One to come to Verizon.
    First off I love Verizon. They have been my carrier since I got my first cell phone in 2001. I’ve rarely had issues but if I did, when you call customer service you get someone FAST. They really do have great customer service and I’ve always been treated with respect and any problem I’ve had rectified.

    I have dealt with AT&T in the past (back in the days of land lines), and their service just can’t compare. I don’t dare switch unless a cell company can offer better service and coverage than Verizon.

    I’ll happily wait for the One to come to Verizon.
    It will come, I don’t know why so late but whatever…as long as it comes.

    1. whereistheONE? says:

      i absolutely hate to say this, but I agree…. I am so tired of waiting, but the customer service and network connection really is that good

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