iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 5 vs Galaxy S4 Internet performance


Apple’s iOS 7 is due to publicly release in fall, and we’ve been keeping readers informed about the various beta stages as they’ve become available to developers. Today we want to share a video that shows iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 5 vs. Galaxy S4 Internet performance.

iOS 7 beta 5 went live on August 6 and there shouldn’t be many more beta stages left now until the Gold Master becomes available ahead of a release to the public. The 5-minute YouTube video that we have for your viewing consideration today, regards Internet speed testing of the iPhone 5 using iOS 7 beta 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android.

A Speedtest.Net test is run on the same servers, and a significant difference is noted on download and upload speeds between the two devices, in favor of the Galaxy S4. When tested again though the iPhone comes top on download speeds although the upload speed is still better with the Galaxy S4.

It’s also pointed out that the testing itself actually runs quicker on the Galaxy S4 and overall the speed results are better on the S4. It’s a pretty impressive performance from the Android Galaxy S4 with the iPhone 5 on iOS 7 beta 5 lagging behind.

It will be interesting to see the same testing when the final build of iOS 7 reaches the public, but for now it seems there’s work to do. You can see the video below this story and check out the testing for yourself, and we’d appreciate your comments. Are you waiting for iOS 7 to reach consumers?


7 thoughts on “iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta 5 vs Galaxy S4 Internet performance”

    1. Marc says:

      I agree it’s senseless making any comparison btw the iPhone 5 and the S4. When the nextr iphone comes out then compare

      1. IPHONE5 says:

        So it’s clear the iphone 5S will smoke the galaxy s4 when it’s released once again nice try Sambung but iphone is and always will be the best!!!

        1. LMAOO says:

          Lol i guess you will just be another one of those idiots who buys overpriced apple products that are terrible compared to other products on the market. Your another one of those idiots blinded by the apple logo, regardless if its shittier and overpriced as long as everyone else is buying it you will buy in. Oh and higher specs? thats to be expected with apple products, it only got released 7 months earlier then the s4.

          1. James says:

            It’s not really a fair comparison since the Samsung phone is newer technology, but fair is fair the Samsung is faster. It will be interesting to see how the Samsung will compair to the iPhone 5s or iphone 6. I’m not in the market for another phone until early next year and I think like most people it will be interesting to see what apple has to offer.

  1. Dani Fredo says:

    So now you make news by performance checking beta software against software in the market? Were you born stupid and that is why you went into journalism?