Instagram for Windows Phone imminent release misreported


There’s been a lot of speculation as to the existence of Instagram for Windows Phone, and it looks as though its release could be imminent if we were to believe a recent quote from Nokia executive vice president Chris Weber. However, he has since committed on this saying that he was misreported.

It is easy to see where the confusion came from, and is an example of why the likes of Weber needs to be careful what he says next time, because the prospect of a Instagram for Windows Phone release is a popular one indeed.

Weber was thought to have said that Nokia was working with Microsoft to try and bring down the prices of Lumia handsets, while also stating that Instagram will finally be coming to Windows Phone, but a recent Tweet says otherwise.

Instagram for Windows Phone imminent release misreported 2

You cannot blame people for misquoting Weber because saying something like that is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey — sorry for the poor analogy.

The Vice President has said they are still working hard to bring Instagram to Windows Phones, but as yet there is no new information. It is this lack of commitment for popular apps that is having a negative effect on growth.

Many people love the look of the WP8 handsets and the OS, but are put off by the lack of app support, which as we know is one of the more important factors of a smartphone.

It’s this delay that has led to some third-party Instagram apps, with the latest 6tag being just one of them. We have seen others appear on Windows Phone but since been removed. The worry with 6tag is that it has poor security and no doubt will be deleted from the Windows Phone Store.

We have to remember that this is not all Nokia or Microsoft’s fault, Instagram developers are to blame as well. Let’s also make another thing clear, Instagram is not the be-all and end-all of apps and maybe it is now time to move on?


One thought on “Instagram for Windows Phone imminent release misreported”

  1. Karem Sheik Al Sagha says:

    Being a windows phone owner and a computer scientist, your claims about 6tag bring insecure are without any basis. The application has since been updated and now encodes its requests to the servers using HTTPS. Also, even if the original instagram application was released, 6tag contains a much more creative design. Your claims that the application will be removed will soon be proved false as the developer has created many outstanding applications.
    This article has many discrepancies and many of your arguments have no basis. For a reporter you seem to blaber more than you do reporting.