Nexus 5 design delights mount up


We’ve been keeping readers informed about all of the developments regarding the upcoming Google Nexus 5 smartphone. Many of you will have heard of the recent mystery Nexus device that was spotted and this has sparked new design renders for the phone. Now the Nexus 5 design delights continue to mount up.

As a quick recap, last week we told of the unknown Nexus device that was shown on a Google video showing the Android 4.4 KitKat statue arriving at the HQ. Images from the video spread quickly amongst the tech world, and there was a general consensus that this could be the Nexus 5.

Yesterday we then told of an FCC appearance for an unknown device made by LG with model number D820 that seems to fit everything we expect for the Nexus 5. In the same article we showed a concept design for the iPhone 5 that was inspired by the mystery Nexus device seen on the Google video.

Maybe unsurprisingly, the mystery Nexus spot has now spawned two more concepts, based on the handset that was glimpsed. The first design (pictured directly below) was created by Reddit user Vovicon. He has used the exact measurements for the LG device that arrived at the FCC, as well as using the shape that was seen on the device in the video.


The elements that needed more imagination though, include the display ratio and positioning, and bezel size. We think this Nexus 5 render could very accurately fit the real deal when it is finally introduced.

The second concept Nexus 5 is shown below this story. This one was designed by Deuxani over on The Verge Forums and once again it was created using the FCC measurements of 131.9mm x 68.2mm. It has a rounded top similar to the Nexus 4 but where this design differs is that the curve appears to lead almost to a point at the top.

One thing noted on the unknown Nexus device at Google HQ was a large camera lens on the reverse. Up until now Nexus phones have not featured high-quality camera set-ups, but maybe this is about to change?

So far we’ve seen three Nexus 5 designs based on the unidentified Nexus phone that was spotted, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we see more over the coming weeks. It will be really interesting to see how close any of these concepts came to the genuine Nexus 5 when it finally appears.

Which of these Nexus 5 concept designs would you most like to see for the real device? Which do you think will turn out to be most accurate? Let us have your Nexus 5 comments.


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