iOS 7 security flaw plays into the hands of criminals


Apple released its new operating system after months of testing but it seems that the software will need updating pretty soon, as an iOS 7 security flaw basically plays into the hands of criminals looking to get their hands on other peoples iDevices.

While there have been some delays for users being able to download the software that has put a strain on the Internet and Apple’s own servers, a more worrying problem has emerged. Apple has added a number of enhancements to Siri in iOS 7 along with a new Control Center, which are both available while the iPhone or iPad is locked.

Trouble is this comes at a price as anyone that finds or even steals an iPhone or iPad can easily switch off the Find My iPhone or Find My iPad apps, which in turn will prevent an owner from recovering their device.

This can be achieved with a simple Siri command or by swiping up on the lock screen, which will allow the airplane mode to be switched on and thus disabling the hardware’s connectivity so the apps won’t work.

Of course this can already be done by switching the device off but with the airplane mode activated a thief can get to work on getting past the PIN code or passcode security without having to worry about the owner tracking it down.

Apple has added some extra security to iOS 7 such as Activation Lock though, which does mean the handset can’t be activated or used without the correct Apple ID being entered, but this is still a bit concerning.

Are you concerned about this news?

Source: MacRumors.


3 thoughts on “iOS 7 security flaw plays into the hands of criminals”

  1. Claytowne says:

    if your phone is stolen by a professional you’re doomed. You’ll never see it again. For methheads and impulse thieves, the phone is plenty secure.

  2. It’s not actually true. If you try the Siri command ‘open find my iPhone’ it asks you to unlock with the passcode. If you try the Siri command ‘switch off find my iPhone’, it doesn’t let you do it. I know this, because I’ve just tried it.

    Likewise, if you simply remove the SIM card from any iPhone, and take it out of the range of Wifi networks it automatically logs on to, then Find My iPhone won’t work, for the same reason that Airport mode stops it working. However, the moment that someone reconnects the iPhone to a signal, Find My iPhone will start working, whether you do it via SIM card or by turning Airport mode off. As it’s not much use as an iPhone with Airport mode permanently on, and as you can’t access Siri with Airport on to get to any of the apps, it becomes just an expensive paperweight.

    By the way, the police can still track down a stolen iPhone even when Find my iPhone was switched off. This is how a friend of mine recovered her iPhone 4, which wasn’t PIN protected, or anything.

    So, no, these ‘security flaws’ don’t trouble me.

    1. HACK NATION INC. says:

      Don’t listen to that comment, people like me (professional) don’t have to use airport mode to hidden from being found. Turn the use of any satellites. Police or any website for finding lost iPhones can’t bypass that. If you are like Martin Turner being absent minded to think there’s a “full proof” system to find your lost or stolen iPhone-your wrong. Your only fooling your mind of the inevitable, that is taking a “L”(loss) because there’s always loopholes in any electronic system.

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