Samsung Galaxy Note 3 India pre-orders and price


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and it was recently showcased in India. The official Samsung price was more expensive than many had expected, but that won’t stop plenty of people wanting this phone. Now we have details of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders in India through Samsung and two online retailers, with pricing.

The official Samsung price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is Rs. 49,900 and a release date of September 25th is scheduled. Samsung has already made pre-orders available in India, but now online retailers Flipkart and Saholic have also put up pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 3.

If you were hoping that other retailers may have a cheaper price though, then you’ll be disappointed as the phone is still priced at Rs. 49,900 at both sellers. However, a benefit of ordering through Saholic or Flipkart is that if you decide to cancel your order, you won’t lose a Rs. 2,000 booking payment as you would with Samsung.

Another point of interest is that the pink color option of the Galaxy Note 3 is also listed at Saholic, which we haven’t seen offered by any other retailers or carriers so far. This retailer lists a delivery date of October 8th.

On the other hand Flipkart is selling the black or white color options and gives an estimated release date of the fourth week of September. We should point out that sometimes details given on online retailer sites change nearer to availability.

Are you intending to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? If so, are you likely to pre-order through Samsung or buy it through one of the other above retailers? Were you hoping that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would have a cheaper price tag? We always appreciate your comments.

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