GTA V iFruit app prompts Android download warning


The GTA V iFruit app for Android has not yet been released and users are waiting patiently, but we must stress a few fake applications have made their way onto the Google Play Store and these should NOT be installed under any circumstances.

iOS device users are already using the popular Grand Theft Auto iFruit app, the official app was released by Rockstar Games and until they release it to Android users please DO NOT install any other apps titled GTA iFruit etc.

There have been a few Android apps that have made it onto the Play Store and these have been removed, we have noticed that ‘iFruit GTA Grand Theft Auto by ZKH’ is still on there and if you read the comments users have clearly stated this is a fake app. To be fair, unless the GTA V iFruit app for Android has been released by Rockstar Games just stay away from other installs.

The iFruit app allows users to customize vehicles within the GTA V 5 as well as taking care of Franklin’s best friend, the ability to create an ultimate vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere with the game is pure class. It has so many features, we know Android users are waiting patiently for the app and you do not want to read about iOS users have it already, but please do visit here to see what you can look forward to (This is purely to show you what is on offer to Android users once its been released).

The GTA V iFruit companion app release for Android is still not known, we know it is frustrating that users have to wait but please do be patient. PLEASE remember to wait for Rockstar Games to port the app to the Google Play Store; DO NOT download fakes because some could contain malicious malware.

We know majority of Android users are smart enough not to install these fakes, but there are a few out there that do not know.


27 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit app prompts Android download warning”

  1. weston says:

    This is the most poorly written article I’ve ever read. Half of the sentences are incoherent and unreadable.

    “Malicious malware” is redundant – “malware” is short for “malicious software”.

    1. Cpt. Obvious says:

      The app is a parody of iPhones, and it just happens to be exclusive to the iOS right when their new phone line up launches. Developers have also consistently said the droid os is easier to develop on so 1+1=?

    1. Guest says:

      You do realize that those other apps are malware right? So technically it’s not degrading someone else’s app when that app is designed to cause harm to your user accounts, personal info. etc., if you want to be dumb and allow that on your phone, be my guest.

  2. Tiffanyxox says:

    Pretty stupid to releases game without releasing all the software with it… does Rockstar expect us to wait to play our new game or do they think we all suck and wont get far? Pretty annoying my boyfriend and I r almost half way and I gota
    say the game wud be better if I had all of it.. I dont see the point in releasing GTA if that App is not ready yet. Sure ill learn from everyone else’s mistakes, I wont download any until I hear of an official releases but common Rockstar get ur game’s together.. dont release a game if ur not releasing part of the software to play it? Seems foolish and frustrating, shud have held off the release untill all was done, just sayin!

      1. rooster says:

        I’m upset that its not released yet, but the gameplay value wasn’t dimenished cause an app for mobile customisation wasn’t done yet, it doesn’t take anything away from the game. Grow up an learn patients

  3. donny33 says:

    This is freaking ridiculous! wtf is taking you guys soo long should have had that crap done before the game even came out.i beat this game already and i still have that ONE mission from Franklin which idk what it is but it sucks.

  4. Dan says:

    Why does chop have to suffer because I’m on Android. Plus I been holding off on the story missions to try and wait until he’s happy and I can clean his mess up. But I know I’m close to the end of the story so it’s almost pointless him being in the game if you don’t have a iPhone

  5. Gazza says:

    A bit of favouritism towards Apple for ya, they should have released them all at same time – they delayed the game long enough, yet they miss out the simplest of things…

  6. Guest says:

    They should have never released the app for Apple in the first place, they should have waited until the android version was ready too and then released both versions at the same time.

  7. goreala says:

    Why is there no news about how furious android users are with rockstar. There are thousands of P/Oed post on their webiste. Why the heck would they rest an integral part of the game on a mobile only. It should be available to be done on PC, or the social club, or FaceBook for xst sakes. . There are things that only chop can find, and he wont do it without the app to train him. Rockstar should be forced to start refunding some of that money like EA did just for a botched ending to ME 3.

  8. Lalalalal says:

    To the people constantly moaning about the app not being on android,hahahahahahahahajahaha I’m really enjoying playing gta 5 whilst training chop on my I device. By the way… Can you not tell that the game loves the I device.

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