Nexus 5 speaker problem emerges, fix promised


Quite often after a new piece of mobile tech is released certain issues can appear that most of the time just need a simple software fix via a future update, and now a Nexus 5 speaker problem emerges but already a fix is promised.

The LG Nexus 5 just like its bigger cousin the LG G2 only has one speaker and it has emerged that the component can either sound really good or to the extreme of really horrible. The guys over at Android Central discovered the problem and with some audio play back can sound really bad especially when compared to listening to the same stuff but on a different device.

Certain things can sound like its coming from within a cave with the sound bouncing around sounding like it’s trying to escape. Spoken word audio highlights the problem as well as local file playback also being bad causing echo and distortion.

Some songs can be fine along with phone calls and none of these problems have been recreated on the LG G2, and after emailing Google the website received a reply confirming that the company is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix for the problem.

The new Android 4.4 KitKat operating system has been treated to a number of new features to the audio system so it’s not surprising that there are some small issues to begin with, but at least Google is aware of the problem and is already working on a fix.

Have you noticed this problem on your Nexus 5?


15 thoughts on “Nexus 5 speaker problem emerges, fix promised”

  1. Paul says:

    My nexus 5 will have zero sound after playing a few songs from the music app. At first i had to reboot, but found that if i go to settings->sound->volumes and move the slider for music back and forth it seems to fix the problem, and sound comes back. (So, i suspect something is muting the device…) hopefuly google or LG will fix this bug!

    When the sound goes out, its is everything to the beep from “hello google” to keyboard clicks, audio, ringers, and even with/without headphones!

  2. Brent Colby says:

    My speaker started cutting out totally today. Did a search to find this post. Extremely disapointed that my sound is currently not playing anything at all. Sliding the volume up and down and resetting hasnt helped.

    1. JP says:

      Brent, I have the same problem – the external speaker stopped working for phone calls, music, alerts, etc. Tapping the phone at the bottom fixed it once, but not for too long. This indicates a hardware issue.

      I contacted Google, and they are sending me a replacement device. Support and I had to go through a factory reset, to make sure it was a hardware issue.

  3. Brendon Shipley says:

    Haven’t had any sound cutting out, but I do notice that the speaker isn’t very loud. Even when on full blast. Sound quality isn’t that great compared to my previous phone: Samsung Galaxy S3.

  4. Federico says:

    I notice sounds appears to come only from left grid… I was wondering my N5 was broken, but now I understood there’s is just one speaker but two grids! amazing…

  5. Tina B says:

    Horrible sound:( and coming not only from the speakers but also when making/receiving calls. The hearing quality is sooooo poor. I hope that this will be fixed ASAP, otherwise I have to sell my Nexus 5

  6. Preetam says:

    It’s been a day, I am with nexus 5 and I found 3 problems
    1) battery drains very fast
    2) my friends can’t hear my voice properly when they/I call. something is wrong with microphone
    3) speakers are very poor. Very low volume of sound.
    And the latest one!
    4) phone went black when I tried to launch an app related to live TV streaming and couldn’t recover. Then I restarted the phone and now it’s fine.
    5) while using Google earth I faced lag.

  7. martinitime1975 says:

    My problem is that, randomly, the ringer and music sounds start coming from the earpiece speaker and not the loudspeaker on the bottom, which makes me miss calls due to the lower volume. Sometimes messing with the volume levels fixes it, and other times I have to make a call using the speakerphone or just reboot to fix it.

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